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Op Equip Australasia

Donate Internet capable equipment
Australasia wide

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USA & Internationally

Op Equip Australasia is a grassroots based project being spawned autonomously by Occupy Sydney participants and supporters. Based on and in sync with the OpEquip.org concept our aim is to 

Collect Donated Surplus & Unwanted Internet Capable devices

(Volunteer to )
Repair and Refurbish internet capable devices 
Australasian volunteers register here 

before Recycling

Put the internet in the hands of people who have the most need but lack the resources to access it freely...

#OpEquip is this:

We are mounting across the occupations an initiative for the collection of old unwanted laptops and desktops for wipe/repair/consolidation. We will clean them up and install Open Source education software for distribution in poor communities to families without computers. Technology is a game changer, and providing those resources to those who need the equipment is a way to ensure that education is open, and that new lines are drawn in future economies. If we can expand the minds of children and youth, and get them used to using computers, we can give them a hand up in education and schooling.

A Free WiFi Wireless Network ?? Hmmmm... 

A  little less than a week old and #OpEquip Australasia now report eight happy recipients of PCs ..... 
Debbie, a Waterloo single mother will use hers to join the @SydneyHomeless network of Social Media entrepreneurs managing business social media. She will work from home. 

 Trey a disabled Auckland ex Painter and Decorator will use his mainly to relieve boredom. 

 Cassie is a Sydney mother and will use her PC to keep in touch with Western Australian family.She also sees her childrens schoolwork being made easier by having convenient internet to search from at home. The kind business donor even included a wireless Plan paid by his company so shes laughing.

 We have a number of PCs needing ram upgrades available in Adelaide, available for redistribution to internet poor families or people. At this time there is not an #OpEquip person in South Australia. 

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