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Occupy Sydney Free School

Free School organising meeting
Tue 29 May 2012 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Occupy Sydney Free School : It\'s all yours! 
Free School is one of the many exciting things happening at Occupy Sydney. We get together on Saturday afternoons for workshops on everything from economics and radical history to yoga and circus arts, political philosophy and workplace organising to experimental public art and rebel songs.

Do you have some ideas for workshops that you would like to see or present yourself? 

Do you have some skills, knowledge or experiences you\'d like to share with other Occupiers?

We\'re keen to share Free School with as many people as possible, so we would love to see you and your friends on Saturday afternoons. But we would love it even more if you want to get involved in making Free School happen. You can do this by: 
· helping organise workshops
· presenting workshops about things that you\'re passionate about 
· getting the word out and encouraging people to come along

If you\'d like to join in - come along to a Free School organising meeting at 7pm Tuesday nights at Martin Place (next meeting 29 May 2012 ..7pm to 9pm @ MP), make proposals and suggestions on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/313074415382939/) or e-mail us at [email protected]

The Next Occupy Sydney Free School is on Saturday 26 May: Preparation For a Tented Occupation & Occupying
Is this what a tented Occupation will look like??
Activism Legal Discussion
Homelessness & Housing Affordability
Where? Starting @ Martin Pl 1-30pm

Join This Event here on Facebook
Legal Activism: Veteran activist lawyer Dale Mills will convene a discussion about Activism & the law. Wenny has produced a Legals Kit for Occupy Sydney which Dale will present. 
Tenting & Camping: Lanz will facilitate a discussion of Camping Tent erection & Weather security. Of interest to all intending campers. Tented Occupiers especially encouraged to join.
Squatting: Ash will convene a discussion of Squatting in Sydney and some issues. A squatters Union will probably be part of the discussion.

  A Planning meeting for intending Tented Occupation Occupiers & Suppliers Only and a separate " How will I put what I have learned today to use for Occupy Sydney Discussion" will follow the last previous session to close.
 With Winter approaching and also the challenges facing the current occupiers and occupation, a proposal is afoot to establish a tented occupation. For security reasons it is not practical to discuss the specifics of how and when publicly. It is nevertheless absolutely essential to prepare those seeking to join a Tented Occupation to be prepared for the challenge of tented living, as well as maintaining a Martin Place occupation site.

  A suitable site for a tented Occupation has been located convenient to Martin Place where a 24 hour occupation will be maintained as a responsibility of the Tented Occupation Occupiers..

Planning for the Tented Occupation will and The Affordability Strategy will happen at this Free School.
  1. FreeSchool Sessions ( All welcome )

  • How to locate erect and maintain a Tent , tie down securely for weatherproofing & other camping tips.
  • Tented Occupation for intending Occupiers. A discussion about roles rights and responsibilities of Occupiers, threats, strengths, assets, asset deficiencies.
  • Growing the Political message. An Occupier responsibility.
  • Occupy , Activism and your legal rights.
  • Homelessness & Occupy .

  1. A secure Intending Occupiers meeting will be held immediately following the 1st sessions of Freeschool planning a Sydney Tented Occupation- for intending Tented Occupation participants only.
  2. Occupation Planning 
  3. Occupation Logistics
  4. Occupation Framework
  5. Occupation Kitchen 
  6. A further Public session will follow the last Freeschool session combining the ideas flowing from the first session into Actions.

Freeschool organises and promotes on Facebook 
Occupy Sydney has been present in Martin Place almost continuously since 15 October 2011. A crucial part of the occupation is the open public space discussion of issues confronting humanity and the planet. Some of these discussions are organised into a Free School , held on most Saturday afternoons.

Free School is:

  • a space for honest frank and respectful discussion.
  • a collective way to address questions about Occupy Sydneys directions and purposes
  • an approach to building the movement while keeping it relevant and sustainable.
  • a place for learning about practical skills and interests helpful to Occupy participants.
  • an opportunity for enjoyable group conversations and fun in growing together.
  • Also hs FREE spaces where anyone can just turn up and give a workshop on a topic of interest that is not covered on the day.
Occupy Free School Saturday 14 April 2012 1-30pm to 5-30pm then fortnightly 
Workshops will include
  • ASPA
  • Human Rights: The Hegemony of an idea with Jess Whyte
  • Dismantling the nuclear chain with Yellow Cake Road Collective
  • Kids/Caregivers and multigenerational movements with Lara 
anyone may lead a freeschool discussion and everyone is welcome to attend

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