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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

OpSafe4Kids #opLiberation #SaveVictoria

Occupy Sydney
please follow

a message from
to all who harm

We are
we are legion
we will not stop
until all children
are safe.

We do not forgive
we do not forget
and if you harm
in any way
when you least expect us
....expect us.

OpSafe4Kids OplithChild

Occupy Sydney

in solidarity with
and full support of 


A Message From Anonymous

To the Government of Lithuania
and all who are ,condone or protect


We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget

just when you least expect us


OCCUPY SYDNEY : 9/11 Whistleblower Susan Lindauer:

9/11 Whistleblower Susan Lindauer: 

'Libyan Opposition Is Al-Qaeda' 

Susan Lindauer interviewed by ClandestineTImelord GLPVC The Raw Feed 5-23-12

REBLOGGED FROM http://bit.ly/K6S9f9  "Published on 24 May 2012 by ClandestineTimelord

This is the second time i've had a chance to speak with Susan LIndauer. She is a very bright, kind hearted individual that was seriously taken advantage of because of her Anti-War views. In this discussion we talk about the Occupy Wall Street movement, what it is doing wrong, right and what the Dungeon Masters are doing to try to prevent the people from complete revolt. What do you do, when you live in a society that has a government in place to protect the bad guys and enslave, ridicule, imprison, and destroy the ones that genuinely help others?"

Friday, 25 May 2012

Outing Mis Education & One World Government

Student Protest Santiago Chile May 16
  Recent Student actions in Canada ,The United States, New Zealand, Chile, Russia and Australia to name a few countries raise the common issue of Government mismanagement of education policies. Cuts in spending and hefty learning Fee hikes are the common symptom but perhaps the issue is really "user pays".As education is increasingly being tailored to suit the needs of various business or government sectors the line between education and training becomes increasingly blurred. Where people are merely being conditioned to perform an increasingly complex robotic series of processes they are being trained not educated. So shouldnt those who require that level of training for their corporate purposes pay?
Student Protests Sydney Australia May 2012

  The global nature of the protests shows that the various governments are either acting or being lobbied to act as they do on a Global scale.The conditioning (training or mis-education) is in my view from the preschool child to the majority of politicians worldwide who accept. Welcome to One World Government.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Occupy Sydney Media Release re :2GB Ray Hadley Show segment " Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner & Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione on Occupy Sydney Participant found Not Guilty by Court."

Occupy Sydney Media Release re :2GB Ray Hadley Show segment " Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner & Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione on Occupy Participant found Not Guilty by Court." 
( http://podcasts.mrn.com.au.s3.amazonaws.com/rayhadley/20120518-occupy2.mp3 )

In relation to the abovementioned case we seek to highlight a grave misrepresentation of Facts by The Ray Hadley Show and the featured participants on a mainstream Radio Station with considerable influence in some community demographics.

  • Last Friday the Ray Hadley Show featured a story based on the Thursday Court appearance of Lance Priestley, an occupy Sydney participant. Lance was found not guilty of "staying overnight x 2 charges and "intimidate police" x 1 charge, with all charges arising from his participation in the Occupy Sydney movement.
  • The case involved an evidential hearing with multiple Police witnesses and the defendant choosing to give evidence alone for the defence. The Judge ruled in favour of the defendant as much on the basis of the evidence submitted by police as that submitted by the defendant.
  • The Ray Hadley Show host Mr Hadley and his guests Messrs Scipione and Stoner relied on the Police "Fact Sheets" (a summary document outlining the brief case put by police. The Fact sheet does not contain even the full Police Evidence offered , let alone the defence arguments. A full transcript of the evidential hearing presenting the full body of evidence upon which the case was decided is available from The Downing Centre Court Registrar.
  • The Ray Hadley Show made no attempt to give balance to what was in effect a skewed advertorial for the Politically motivaed desires of the Assistant Premier and the operational playing field sought by the Police Commissioner. Requests for a right of reply by Occupy Sydney and the defendant directly to the show producer have been ignored.
  • The Assistant Premier's comments, made without reference to the full facts, draw attention to the need to continue to maintain separation between the Judicial Policing and Political aspects of Government . One might take the view that the Deputy Premier and Police Commissioner seek in making their public statements to in some way influence future Judicial interpretations of law. If this is the case it amounts to an erosion rather than enhancement of the law.
  • The Assistant Commissioners Statements taken in their entirety amount to an expedient partlisan and unwarranted attack on the character ability and impartiality of her honour who heard the case. As with Occupy Sydney and the defendant her honour or appropriate representatives was not gven the opportunity to reply. 
Occupy Sydney contact Vicki Smart 0447842547
Lance (defendant) 0410722000

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Indigenous Social Justice Association MEDIA RELEASE



Sydney Solidarity Event Jan 25 click here

Occupy Sydney strongly support and stand in solidarity with ISJA and the ongoing indigenous peoples struggles

Indigenous Social Justice Association 



On Friday 25th 2012 we will be holding a supporting rally for our Brothers and Sisters who were evicted by force out of their Sovereign Embassies in Perth and in Brisbane. They were peacefully camped on their Traditional Lands and holding constructive talks about what action would be required to have the relevant State Governments to accept their right to locate a permanent Sovereign Embassy on their own Lands, among other rights.

That Right has been accepted and won for the Tent Embassy in the ACT and it is our view that there must be granted by State and Territory Governments that permanent Sovereign Embassies be located in each capital city and/or any other designated location as chosen by the Traditional Owners. This is our Right on our invaded Lands. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal Land.

Instead our Mobs were faced with the same intractable violence from the State and their police forces.

On Herrison Island in Perth the peaceful Nyoongar campers were faced with Council Rangers and many many police. One media report stated:

“Riot squad police armed with Tasers and officers on horseback moved into the camp as Perth City Council rangers dismantled tents and moved equipment this afternoon.

The four people were arrested on charges including obstruct police, refusing to provide details and disorderly conduct. One move on notice was also issued and protest signs and other items were seized by council staff and police.

Three police vans with metal shields over the windows arrived at the camp just after 2pm followed by a half a dozen other police vehicles and four officers on horses. More police arrived about 20 minutes later.

Officers formed one long line and moved through the camp.”

This extreme and over-zealous reply is, of course, nothing new to our people. These hate campaigns against us have continued for over 224 years and will continue until we are fully recognized as being Sovereign Peoples and equal to the invader-Governments of the Stolen Lands. 

The situation at Musgrave Park in Brisbane was equally as violent when police moved in to dismantle the peaceful Jagera and Turrbal Nations from their Sovereign Embassy. Such was the concern raised at the actions of the Qld. Police that the ACTU Congress issued the following Resolution.

“The ACTU Congress stands in solidarity with the unionists and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander activists at the culturally significant site at Musgrave Park – Brisbane, QLD.

Congress expresses its concern about the apparent return to negative tactics used by the Queensland Government in the 1970’s and 1980’s against citizens of Queensland.

Campbell Newman has been elected to govern for all Queenslanders, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders, and this Congress calls on the Newman Government and the BCC to respect the rights of freedom of speech, peaceful assembly and protest.”

Mover: Dave Matters Union: RTBU QLD
Seconder: Allen Hicks Union: ETU 

It is perhaps ironic that Friday 25th 2012 will also be the 45th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum, an action that was fought for over a ten year period to obtain Justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We won the battle, maybe, but definitely not the war. That sadly still continues as exampled above.
Come join us to show not only solidarity with our Mobs but also to show that you fully support our unalienable rights to our Lands.

12.30pm outside Parliament House Macquarie Street Sydney on Friday 25th May 2012.

Contact Ray Jackson on 0450651063 or Raul Bassi on 0-403037376


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Occupy The Courts Today Police 0 v Occupy Sydney 3

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Louie Christoff

Admitted to Bar: 2011

Telephone: (02) 8815 9321
Fax: (02) 8815 9303

Practice Areas
Criminal Law
This case was heard last Thursday. [email protected]

 NSW Police again went home empty handed today in their expensive and elusive quest to secure a scarce evidence based conviction.The charges, relating to the The Officer Loone led NSW raids on Occupy Sydney on February 2nd and 3rd were 2 of Staying Overnight , and a further charge of intimidating police (at the Rocks Police Station).  In a relatively short hearing an impeccably mannered and dressed pro bono lawyer, Louie Kristoff dispensed with theatrics preferring minimal but targeted questioning of prosecution witnesses. 

 On the intimidate police charges police alleged that the defendants statement "I'm going to fuck you up..." amounted to intimidation. The defence contention that in fact he said "I'm going to fuck you up in court was supported by statements from police witnesses that the defendant repeatedly made crude references to taking the officer concerned before the courts for harassment. The judge preferred the defences evidence on the key initial statement because other police witnesses went some way to corroborating the defences assertion, while the complainants version was uncorroborated. 

 The two staying overnight charges were heard together. In the earlier case police had video evidence of the entire evening on video-well almost-with a period of 1am to 2 am said to be unrecorded.The judge accepted the defence contention that the police did not prove the defendant to be present overnight.

  In the latter police presented photo evidence of the defendant asleep on Channel 7's private property -an area not covered by City Council regulations. Although the defences assertion that the property is not council property was uncorroborated (a simple council document would have assisted.) and unable to meet the test of the evidence Act , the judge took the view that on the balance of probability her honor could not be sure that it was not in fact private property. 

 In summary her honor was particularly troubled by the ambiguity of the regulations as shown on the sign.She said that despite its apparent proximity there was no clear indication of the area the Council regulation sign applied to.  The key question was what precisely do the words "Stay Overnight" mean?Her honor was led by the prosecutor to the "common usage comparison" being to staying overnight in an hotel (where guests come and go) and by the defence to the dictionary definition of Stay (as in leave negates stay).Her honor ruled that as there was sufficient ambiguity she must side with the defence. The charges were dismissed.

 The defendant would like to acknowledge the preparation and background work was done by our small but committed and overworked legal Group. Full credit to Wennie Rami and team and appreciations to our representative of the day Louie Kristoff whom I have no hesitation in commending for paid cases. He is good. On this note there is a whisper in the wind that Wennie would like to pull back from the legal group and perhaps become involved in the areas of Occupy which drew her to the movement. The legal group would especially welcome support from qualified legal practitioners EMAIL THEM . Oh and shes looking for a job in the legal world and deserves to be inundated with offers...according to the whispers :)

Look for @occupySydney on Twitter Follow the #osyd hashtag 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Sat May 12 : Stop Stateterrorism :RALLY Stop NSW Police Killing & Shooting & Terrorising non Anglos

 Occupy Sydney participants are supporting a call to Rally to Stop Police Brutality, Shootings , Taserings and Killings outside Kings Cross Police Station this Saturday at 2.30pm.
 Recent shootings of an aboriginal youth and young man by and the taser killing of a Brazilian man are just the latest in a long chain of NSW and Australian Police killings and shootings of an overwhelmingly   
  The overarching message NSW Governments of Labor and Liberal persuasion have delivered via Racist Police over many years is "the whiter you are, the righter you are". The message is ritually reinforced almost nightly with officers unconstrained by the parameters of legality nightly applying psychological terrorism as a weapon against youth particularly of Asian Polynesian Arabic appearance -or those who might come from modest economic backgrounds as defined by their appearance. These incidents are so common and widespread that they go largely unreported.

 Research of NSW Police taserings shootings and killings show that the victims are overwhelmingly non anglo.A high percentage had diagnosed mental health issues. Not One Police Oficer has been charged or convicted in relation to these incidents. In fact the liberal stress leave available to NSW police officers who kill is regarded by many as an incentive to kill, safe in the knowledge that "we look after our own" when investigations happen.

 The following is a Rally call from Indigenous Social Justice Action republished in full: (we suggest copying printing & circulating the following as an A5 flyer.)

Stop Police Brutality
Stop Police Investigating Police
Ban The Tasers 

We Demand:

  1. NSW Police be made answerable to the people by setting up Police Citizens Review Boards similar to those of the USA and some european countries. The members of those Boards to be voted on by the people of NSW.
  2. For an independent Investigative Unit to be formed by properly qualified professionals who have no connection to any police member past or present.
  3. Remove the Tasers from all Frontline Police.Full and open Public Inquiry to be held into their use and who should use them.
  4. Review of the use of Glock handguns, requirements for in depth training, including psychiatric assessment of all officers, and finally who should be issued with such a deadly weapon.
  5. We demand the full facts related to the Kings Cross shooting not just the government / police media "Facts". 
We will be holding another Rally on Saturday 12 May at 2.30pm outside Kings vross Police Station. JOIN US and support this campaign.

more information Ray Jackson 0450651063 or Raul Bassi 0403037376 


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sydney 4-30am Police Brutality against Youth in George St

4:30 am and  Ipersonally witnessed a cop brutalising a youth aged about 15 in George St. Police then took the youth away in NSW Police car number C135 . Incredulous eye witnesses to the initial incident report the youth to have been sleeping in an internet cafe.Staff attempted to wake him and when they failed to do so, called police.This has been confirmed by staff. A short time later 2 Police officers entered the internet cafe approached the sleeping youth, then roughly and loudly woke him. Almost immediately according to eyewitnesses, they grabbed him and dragged him from the premises.
  I responded to a call from an eyewitness and went immediately to the location. On the footpath outside the internet cafe location I saw a young Police Officer of Asian appearance push shove and punch the slight and seemingly dazed youth (of Polynesian appearance) at least three times .The Youth staggered and protested several times and eventually sunk to the ground, where he was roughly dragged to his feet by the two police officers present. I asked the Police Officer to stop assaulting the youth as he sunk to the ground. I told the youth as he was being dragged away that I would be a witness if he wanted to charge the Police Officer with assault. I will willingly stand by that offer.
 Several witnesses stated that these actions by Police were common everyday occurrences. I have witnessed such brutality by police on many occasions over many years. Despite such acts being a common occurrence they are neither just, legal or right.

More Blatant Illegal Searches by NSW Police

When will it end?? A homeless ethnic man sitting peacefully in a publicly accessible place pressured , psychologically violated by gung ho NSW Police. They quickly released him when they realised that I was watching, possibly filming (my phone was flat) and taking notes. 

 Under current laws in force in NSW Police do not have powers to arbitrarily search people or require identification. There are some exceptions. For these exceptions to apply Police must have reasonable grounds. If are not able to prove to a Court that they have reasonable grounds then it is your choice whether or not to comply with their requests-often made in the form of orders. It is the standard advice of most of the defence legal fraternity that you not comply with such police demands and that you not make any statements.

 Police habitually target homeless ethnic and low income demographics because we usually have the least understanding of complex legal processes , because we often lack clear understanding of the english language and we often lack the means to offer an effective defence. The correlation between these commonly observed practices and the stark ethnic imbalance of Prison Inmates raises the question of Justice Equality - almost certainly non existent in Australia.

 Occupy Sydney occupier participants regularly patrol the "Trouble hotspots" of Sydney City. They have witnessed many instances of NSW Police exceeding their powers - including having film recording equipment seized and being arrested for filming Police (both legal in NSW).

Friday, 4 May 2012

Oz Banks Profiteer on Reserve Bank Rate Cuts

  Despite posting multi billion dollar profits National Australia Bank and Commonwealth have both failed to pass on the full benefit of the recent Reserve Bank 50 basis point Rate reduction. The move which comes on top of wholesale sackings across the banking sector is yet another indicator that Australian Banks are prepared to gouge at every opportunity irrespective of the social consequences.

 Despite the noises emanating from the Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan there is no Government initiative to rein in Bankers cavalier treatment of either staff or long suffering customers. A commonsense starting point for legislation would be a requirement that bank rates be adjusted immediately and automatically in line with Reserve Bank increases or Falls.

 The shrinking percentage of the population who retain a semblance of faith in the duopoly faux democratic instruments of Australian government vote in the hope that government will protect the people from the excesses of unelected power holders - instead of which recent Australian Governments have acted to protect Commercial excesses from the wrath of the people.

 Occupy Sydney participants call for 

  • Australia must Rescind All Debt. Simple. Occupier Home Mortgages forgiven.Personal Debt forgiven.
  • Heavily regulate mechant and retail banks

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Event Notice : NT Consultations Report 2011this Fri 6pm

"NT Consultations Report 2011: By Quotations"

which will be launched by

Graeme Mundine
Executive Officer, ACM Sydney Archdiocese


Amy McQuire
Editor, Tracker Magazine

Date: Friday, 4 May 2012
Time: 5.30 for 6.00pm start

Venue: Amnesty International's NSW Action Centre Level 1, 79 Myrtle Street, Chippendale

Cost: Free

RSVP: Cathy at 0422385852 or Sabine at [email protected]

Organized by ‘concerned Australians'

For the book review, invitation flyer and further info:

Beautifully illustrated, this hard-backed book gives voice to the views of Aboriginal people living under the Intervention. In this book we hear the true voices of Aboriginal people calling out to be heard. Each page speaks volumes about their frustration and despair at the failure of Government to listen.

Please come and hear more about this book, Stronger Futures legislation, its clash with our human rights obligations, the calls by NT Elders for opposition to the Government's approach and the Stand for Freedom campaign by the wonderful Graeme Mundine and Amy McQuire.

We hope to see you and your family, friends and colleagues at this important book launch. Please forward this invitation to all your networks. Feel free to post the info on facebook and twitter.

For further info and links on the Stronger Futures Legislation and UTS Report

Protector Macklin’s Intervention by Jeff McMullen in Arena magazine: http://www.arena.org.au/2012/04/protector-macklin%E2%80%99s-intervention/

Extending the Northern Territory intervention – Sunday Nights with John Cleary

Politicians ruling by stealth as wilful ignorance is allowed to flourish by Greg Barns

Bad law of the week: Sections 90 and 91 of the Northern Territory National Emergency Response Act by Bob Gosford


republished from Facebook

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Occupy Sydney Legal Fund Shoutout

Hi everyone,

This is a shout-out for personal financial donations for the barrister who can do the appeal for Akin Sari's sentence (next Wed 9th May).

Background: Akin was sentenced to a year in prison, 9 months non-parole (at Parklea Prison). This sentence was primarily for his guilty plea to assault police officer 22nd Oct 2011; he was also sentenced for guilty plea's to larceny, resist arrest and trespass. The lawyer that was previously representing him is no longer available. One of the other lawyers that have offered their assistance to OS happens to be available. The barrister would like some financial payment to cover his time with the appeal next Wed, and a visit to Akin in Parklea later this week. His normal fee starts at $2,000 but he totally doesn't expect OS to come up with that much.

3 ppl have already committed $200 from their pockets - a massive thanks to those people. Please let me know as soon as you if you can make a donation, big or small.

I completely acknowledge and understand that some of Akin's actions and behaviours have been highly controversial within OS. To clarify, this is a shout-out for personal financial donations through OS.


Re the Legals Fund (money given to OS for legal costs), its previous status was that it had $0. I have yet to work out estimated future legal costs - my apologies; please let me know if you can help me with this.

However the legals collective (around climate campaigning) that I'm a part of, Justice Tracks, has money from our fundraising and we've recently agreed to put $600 into the OS Legals Fund.

Also, remember there's the $700 still kicking around in the OS bank account.

Given there are some and potential funds for legal costs existing, ordinarily, I would also propose a motion to the Legals Working Group that we commit some amount to Akin's barrister, say $100. However I acknowledge the strong concerns that have previously been expressed to me about the level of use of the limited OS legal support capacity for Akin.

Given my own position coordinating the Legals Working Group, in order to facilitate open discussion within the Group etc, I don't think it's appropriate for me to propose the motion myself.

However I'm letting y'all know the current situation with legals $ if anyone else is interested in making a proposal for the situation.

My own two cents worth here if this is OK: I don't personally agree with some of Akin's actions and I have found him difficult to work with in the past. However I don't think that prison is helpful to Akin. I strongly encourage ppl in the OS network to do what they have the means and capacity to do to show legal solidarity towards Akin against a prison and 'justice' system that in my opinion I see as fundamentally broken. To me, part of that is putting in what money we can for Akin's barrister. I certainly think lawyers, especially barristers, get paid enough. However I do think that being able to give Akin's barrister at least $300 would be a good minimum target. As Legals Coordinator, I carry a degree of responsibility to facilitate any proposals for the Group. I'd certainly do that re proposals for some Legals Fund $ to go towards Akin's barrister. FYI.

In summary / key pts: - shout-out for personal financial donations for Akin's barrister - I've let ppl know the Legals Fund status if anyone's interested in making a proposal for some of that $ to go to Akin's barrister - come to the appeal next Wed 9th May if you can (Downing Centre, District Court part) - I know that some ppl are visiting Akin this week and organising some solidarity - I can put you in touch with them if you'd like - please let me know if you can help with working out estimated future legal costs - if ppl are interested in legals fundraising, there's some talk around it - I can put you in touch with the relevant ppl

Happy May Day.