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Monday, 30 April 2012

Occupy Sydney @ City Talks..

Regulated by a late invitation anf lack of available tickets a small group of Occupy Sydney participants never-the-less managed to gain entry to the Poverty Amid Plenty sessions of City Talks .A pair of Occupy participants delivered a non invasive Mike Check pointing out the hypocrisy of a forum offered by the City in; place of  the Free participatory open forum discussions which epitomise Occupy Sydney.  The Mike Check text is as follows : We from Osyd would like a moment this forum was organized to justify city of Sydney's participation in the violent eviction of osyd from martin pl last October. Yet somehow they forgot to invite an occupy participant not only this the structure of this forum is antithetical to the principles of the occupy movement. This forum is exclusive heirarchial and authoritarian. The occupy movement seeks to be inclusive, participatory and Democratic. The occupy movement is nit about reforming a bankrupt system by creating a model for a better society. It is not about bailing out the one percent at the expenve of the 99%. We would like to invite you to an inclusive participatory and Democratic version of this event outside once this event has finished. Thank you. Occupy Sydney participant Marc Aherns is the belated Occupy Sydney panellist thanks to an invitation from Greens Councillor Irene Dougherty who has consistently supported Occupy Sydney's right to protest peacefully. We thank her.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Occupy Sydney to support NSW Farmers Association Save our Water -No CSG Mining Rally

  • Occupy Sydney are supporting The Coal Seam Gas Rally called by the NSW Farmers Association assembling at the Elizabeth & Phillip St sector of Martin Place at noon May 1 2012 ...
 At the Occupy Sydney General Assembly on Saturday 28 April a call was made to come in Black come masked come prepared. Fracking uses highly toxic chemicals including tolulene in a deadly cocktail so devastating that it fractures solid rock to release Coal Seam Gas. There is no technology to recover this cocktail which is left in the ground once spent- potentially placing our Water table at real risk of contamination.In the USA Pittsburgh, spiritual and dynastic home of the US Oil moguls recently banned Fracking. Australia and NSW must ban Hydraulic Fracturing too. 

Sydney Rally May 1

It’s time to stand up and stand together, before it’s too late! Join the rally on May 1
The people who grow our food are coming to Sydney by their thousands with a message for the NSW Government…

Protect our land and water from coal seam gas and irresponsible mining!

The NSW Government promised to protect water, health, agriculture and the environment from CSG and other mining. But their draft plans break this promise.
Under the draft plans:
  • No part of NSW – not the land where food is grown, not our water catchments – is off limits to CSG and other mining
  • Most of the state – including Sydney, the Illawarra and the Northern Rivers – is not covered by land use plans
  • Regions can be converted from rural to industrial landscapes
This rally has been called by the NSW Farmers Association – the people who grow our food. The campaign has brought together a broad group of supporters who want planning that protects productive and sensitive areas and the protection of water across the state – that applies before mining and CSG exploration.
The most powerful force in this country is a community working together to stand up for its rights.

Join the rally on Tuesday May 1: 12 noon – 1:30pm

Meet at Martin Place (between Philip Street and Elizabeth Street) and march to NSW Parliament. (re published from their Facebook ...here

see more on Occupy Sydney General Strike

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

KX Police Shooting: Witnesses say Police shots caused Car to run into people

  3 independent witnesses to the Police shootings of aboriginal teens in Kings Cross have stated that Police shots caused the car the youths were in to career off the road and into pedestrians. Two witnesses, who say they are unknown to each other were pedestrians and the third a passing driver. One said he offered a statement to police but upon hearing his version of events he was told to leave the scene and threatened with arrest if he did not. 
courtesy SMH

  These witnesses version of events have a ring of credibility which far outweighs the sanitised police version. A person shot would naturally slump forward and their foot would depress the accellerator causing the car to speed up. 

 In many recent Police shootings and Taserings the initial Police media releases have invariably been shown to be at best mildly inaccurate -at worst a self serving and deliberately deceiving contrivance to win public sympathy or support. That approach may have worked in the days when news was sourced from News Ltd served with garnishes of falsehood and dollops of deceit. Thankfully today we have the internet and those days are gone.

  •   There are NSW Police guidances and directives relating to pursuits and public safety. Were these followed in this case??
  •  Should it even be an option for Police to shoot unarmed civilians?
  • Is ethnicity (particularly aboriginality ) a real determining factor regarding your risk profile from Police Brutality or Police applied deadly force?

Monday, 23 April 2012

#PoliceBrutality Rally 1:30pm NSW Parliament 1:30PM this TUESDAY

Simultaneous Rallys Brisbane & Sydney

NSW Facebook NSW POLICE ARE JUST WAY TOO DEADLY! Protest police brutality! No 

more shootings!! 


Dear friends:

Indigenous Social Justice Association is calling for an emergency rally this Tuesday, the 


at 1.30, at the NSW Parliament House to demand two points: first, stop the police 

investigating police and second, organize a credible independent investigation to start to 

give justice to the victims of police violence. The footage of what happened has been 

publicized in couple of the papers and is graphic enough. (See at the bottom.) The way that 

these young aboriginal people have been treated by police is anything but human. They 

were injured people, couple with bullets, incapable of offer any resistance, let alone been 

of any danger to the officers. Never the less couple of them, already bleeding, one in coma, 

were thrown from the car as a sack of potatoes, handcuffed and in some cases repeatedly 

The police, even that has presented different versions, is justifying all, the Assistant 

commissioner said yesterday that the shootings were justified because there were people in 

danger with the car running on the footpath. The Police Association has said that they will 

be backing the police offices regardless. The police also, have said that they recognized 

the suspects. So quick questions arise. Why instead of shooting people 13 and 14 years 

old, that they knew, they didn’t try to stop the car shooting the tyres?

So, even still none has die and is our heartfelt wish none will, are we confronting another 

similar situations to TJ or Roberto Laudiscio Curti?

So came on Tuesday to tell the government, the parliament and the police, that we had 

enough and we demand justice.

Family members of the people involved, have invited to participate of the rally.

More information Raul Bassi 0403037376



Another Australian case of Childrens Services failure

   Another Australian case of  Childrens Services failure this time an indigenous family from Townsville are the traumatised victims.
  The illusion that The Stolen Generation somehow is a past injustice and applied only to indigenous people is a total fabrication. The horror stories continue today particularly affecting indigenous and low income families as Anglophile Corporatised Christian Australia uses children as tools of terror against their own families and communities.

 In NSW following a horror year in which a young aboriginal boy in DOCs care was found dead in a suitcase, and a young girl was starved to death, The NSW Government predictably responded with yet another inquiry= not to find how they could better protect Children , instead focussing on departmental damage control. Flowing from the report came a cynical decision to outsource care management- to NFPs many of which were hurriedly set up or managed by ex DOCs staffers

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Anon Tools : Anon Paste

   Occupy Sydney participants enjoyed a workshop today exploring some tools anons use for various reasons online. Some useful information was exchanged.
Anon Paste is a simple anonymous posting utility used to get info out there without potential consequences. Anon Paste converts your HYML to anon HTML. By using a hushmail or other non prying email service you can remain anonymous. To be sure when a routing server is not accessible use an internet cafe.If you value anonimity this may be the tool for you. Anon Paste

Inner Sydney Social Housing being sold into Bankers paradise

 Occupy Sydney agree with most Australians that Affordability is a key issue for all Australians. As peoples real incomes and ability to self sustain are eroded by pro corporate government policy born of collusion between Political Parties and Big Business , Occupy Sydney participants believe that a discussion -and action , must begin in public forums where all can attend and participate freely. Occupy Sydney participants locally and the Occupy Movement internationally are about asserting the publics right to hold such discussions freely in public space and we cordially invite the public to discuss Housing and Livings Cost Affordability from 5pm at the Corner of Martin Place and Elizabeth St from 4pm May 19th.
 As Sydney property prices and rents career skyward driven by Real Estate hyperbole and lack of social equity based regulation Social Housing in New South Wales has become a landbank for the NSW Government a goldmine for developers and speculators, a source of cashflow for heartless NGOs and a lottery for expectant low income tenants.

Housing NSW property
already sold for over $2mil ...
not to tenants
 The current gentrification of near harbour and convenient to Sydney CBD Ultimo Pyrmont and Millers Point has seen a rash of sales of Department of Housing owned properties in those areas - with more to come.Faced with critical shortages of  affordable housing across Sydney -particularly in the City of Sydney area ,Housing NSW has seen fit to sell off larger Inner City properties and replace them with small housing units in the Inner West and other areas.
 There is no plan for Housing NSW to replace either affordable housing in the Rocks Millers Point or Pyrmont - or housing of these configurations anywhere . Meantime large families and extended family households are being told they cannot be housed.Many social housing applicants are being told they cannot be housed   
 Housing NSW 's own Sale of Homes Policy states that they prioritise sales to tenants (providing tenants can afford market prices) -with several get out of jail clauses which render this policy at best a selective furphy. Tenancy income criteria precludes people with such an asset base becoming or remaining as tenants.But of course the Millers Point properties are offered only by auction and sell at prices of $2million plus -largely to re-developers. 

 Meanwhile at The Hungry Mile a greed driven alliance of Developers Government departments and Bankers force Bankers Paradise on an unconsenting local community.The project will transform the previous working wharves and the adjacent Millers Point into an enclave for the rich. Few if any Barangaroo workers will afford to live locally -whether as renters or buyers. There is zero social housing dividend at Barangaroo.

 To facilitate this massive bankers paradise over $300million of NSW State Government (umm...your) money will be spent building connector ways to an already overburdened Wynyard Station.

 All commercial Development applications should consider the incomes of the people who will work in the finished project -and ensure that there is either an affordable housing component that can accomodate each worker OR that such accommodation is readily available in the area. Over time such a policy would have the positive effect of lowering capital and maintenance infrastruture costs as well as causing businesses to consider co location where their worker demographic can afford to reside.Such policy will also have the desirable social and human resources dividend of less stressed workers having more time to involve themselves in family and community.     

Faux news: The Media Companies which lobby against transparency

 As spin becomes the currency of political fortune Corporations blur the lines between ethics and marketing the words news and truth increasingly become strangers.

 Concentration of power in any bloc must be opposed and never more so than when as now working people are stressed, time poor and vulnerable to misinformation masquerading as news.

  Occupy Sydney and the Occupy movement have articulated many messages opposing the vesting of power in the concentrated hands of a few.We must continue to do so and the tightly held major media companies should be front and centre of our focus. It is they who skilfully disseminate the will of the 1% to a largely unquestioning public.
  News organizations cultivate a reputation for demanding transparency, whether by suing for access to government documents, dispatching camera crews to the doorsteps of recalcitrant politicians, or editorializing in favor of open government. Meet the Media Companies Lobbying Against Transparency....  full article  http://bit.ly/JelW3q

Thursday, 19 April 2012

End State Child Abduction


Occupy Sydney add our voice and resources to the groundswell of disgust and indignation - and support anonymous and all efforts to expose the harm done to families children and communities by the very people and agencies you thought protested children. 

A new stolen generation is taking place, by agencies that were created to remove children from TRULY abusive homes. But now these days, children are also being removed from capable parents, parents who are now suffering financial stress after being thrust into the legal system. 

The racket of child protection has become big business. Money is made from each and every child taken into state care....

Attention Australian Child Protection Authorities ,anonymous have listened. Anonymous have researched.And Anonymous have started to respond... 

...with your help we can end State Child Abduction and we can end it now.

Occupy Parramatta

Check out the Occupy Parramatta Facebook Group . Occupy Parramatta happens every Saturday and their Freeschool are planning something extra special to do with your FREE TIME on May 1st... you WILL be joining the M1GS GENERAL STRIKE, wont you???

  Occupy Parramatta is an initiative started by two participants from Occupy Sydney and has been operating a few months now.

 How about starting an Occupy in your area? It takes a good amount of initiative and work to make it happen but if nobody takes the initiative it will never happen

Video from OWS Media

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

May 1st General Strike

M1GS Public Transport No Pay Day

A call from Occupy Sydney supporters for a public transport No Pay Day has been sufficiently broad to act autonomously on. 

No Pay 


read more here 


As we edge closer to May 1st we're hearing about some Group and autonomous actions in Sydney on the day.

  • Theres an international Mayday planning webinar Wednesday, April 18, 2012 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT  Join members of Firedoglake, Occupy Buffalo, Subversive Theater and Interoccupy for an outreach webinar in the interest of understanding the history of Mayday, past actions and why we should strike this year. Varied approaches and creative, fun ways to reach out to your community.Hosted by Firedoglake/OccupySupply  Wednesday, April 18, 2012 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT .Registration link: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/602567126

  • The Coal Seam Gas Rally is assembling at the Elizabeth & Phillip St sector of Martin Place at noon

Sydney Rally May 1 

It’s time to stand up and stand together, before it’s too late! Join the rally on May 1
The people who grow our food are coming to Sydney by their thousands with a message for the NSW Government…

Protect our land and water from coal seam gas and irresponsible mining!

The NSW Government promised to protect water, health, agriculture and the environment from CSG and other mining. But their draft plans break this promise.
Under the draft plans:
  • No part of NSW – not the land where food is grown, not our water catchments – is off limits to CSG and other mining
  • Most of the state – including Sydney, the Illawarra and the Northern Rivers – is not covered by land use plans
  • Regions can be converted from rural to industrial landscapes
This rally has been called by the NSW Farmers Association – the people who grow our food. The campaign has brought together a broad group of supporters who want planning that protects productive and sensitive areas and the protection of water across the state – that applies before mining and CSG exploration.
The most powerful force in this country is a community working together to stand up for its rights.

Join the rally on Tuesday May 1: 12 noon – 1:30pm

Meet at Martin Place (between Philip Street and Elizabeth Street) and march to NSW Parliament. (re published from their Facebook ...here

please download print & disseminate this May 1st Poster from Bernice ...


May 1st, 2012 posters and graphics

and theres this gem brochure for those with capability to print colour..

also There are May 1st General Strike Actions from the International Occupy and Activist communities.

Twitter campaign by @onthechemtrail HELP get #chemtrails trending on INTERNATIONAL CHEMTRAIL AWARENESS DAY May 1, 2012 #MayDay MayDay GET THOSE JETS OUT OF OUR SKIES!! #wakeup

Truckers and Wobblies Come Together in May 1 Inauguration of Workers' Hall http://bit.ly/II9Nyi #M1GS

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ex PM Kevin Rudd visits Occupy Sydney

The Occupy Sydney pulse raced briefly yesterday as the leaderless movement were graced with the presence of ex Prime Minister ex Foreign Minister ex employee of Laurie Oakes and shrewd political tactician Kevin Rudd. Could it be that the ex Prime Minister considers the political bearpit in Canberra so misrepresentative of the people that he is considering defecting from the sinking Australian Labor Party ship and joining a leaderless Occupy movement. His well known dictatorial style will be reminiscent of some Occupy participants perceptions of a certain individual Occupy Sydney participant if he does decide to become an occupy participant -and he may be challenged by consensus process. But if Rudd wants to revisit the Prime Ministers residence, Occupy may be a more viable option than Labor.

  The opportunity to raise the issues of Freedom of the Press ,Wikileaks,Julian Assange, Austin G Mackell and Habib with the ex Foreign Minister was missed, but we're putting those issues forward today via Twitter. 

 Oh -and as he gave Occupy Sydney a big thumbs up may we suggest that Occupy Brisbane occupy in his Buranda electorate...

99% Spring a false Flag? You decide

this email arrived in my inbox today & is republished in full for your consideration. I express neither support nor  dissent having not fully digested its contents. However it merits your consideration...

 Although relevant primarily to USA Occupii , the outlined subversion tactic is one which Occupy Sydney and all Occupy must be watchful for. 

Is "Spring99%" a rejuvenation of Occupy Wall Street, or a false flag psyop aimed at absorbing OWS into the elite-controlled, false-choice Demopublican facade?


co-opt (verb):  To absorb, assimilate or take into a larger group.  See also co-opted, co-option, co-optive, co-optate, co-optated, co-optation, co-optative, coopt, coopted, cooptive, cooptate, cooptated, cooptation, cooptative, taken in, taken over, annexed, appropriated, subverted and screwed.

Here you will find the letter that launched the "99% Spring" initiative and the signatories of the 40 organizations who are openly behind it:


There is no question that Justen Ruben's MoveOn.org, Van Jones' Rebuild the Dream and many if not most of the other groups listed there have ties to the Democratic Party and the Bushbama re-election circus.  Consequently, it would be prudent for all concerned to question the real agenda behind 99% Spring, as many are:

"There are accusations from Occupy folks that Spring99% is trying to co-opt the OWS movement.  That MoveOn is a front for the Democratic Party.  And there are denials both from activists within the Spring99% network and members of the Occupy movement itself.  It is a needed debate, even though it's probably under the radar for many progressives and irrelevant for mainstream politics – except for the accusations that Spring99% is a front for the Obama re-election campaign. Meanwhile, paranoia of being co-opted has been a mainstay within the anti-Wall Street movement for months."


"In an interview, activist and author John Stauber - who founded the Center for Media and Democracy in 1993 and ran it until 2009 - laid it out: 'Democratic donors and unions have - since the 2000 Nader/Gore/Bush election - flowed millions of election year dollars into non-profit organizations and liberal media to rally progressives and create an echo chamber that can impact politics in favor of Democrats...  99% Spring's activities will surely be carefully and quietly coordinated behind the scenes to have a maximum positive impact in defeating Republicans and re-electing President Obama," he continued.  "These groups will claim independence from the 2012 Democratic campaign agenda, but the fact is that funding will flow to them simply to create buzz and the appearance of a movement that dovetails perfectly with Obama's campaign rhetoric.'"


Clearly, Stauber suspected Spring99% to be a false front.  Charles M. Young attended one of their "nonviolent direct action training" sessions this week, and brought back ample proof that it is:

"The first clue... was the sign-up table, where there were a bunch of Obama buttons for sale and one sign-up sheet for the oddly named Community Free Democrats (are they free of community?), which is the local Democratic clubhouse.  That killed the 'inspired by Occupy Wall Street' vibe right there...  Over half the crowd left early.  Most of those who stayed appeared to be angry and mystified that they had received no training whatever in nonviolent direct action.  I doubt that the Democrats or MoveOn succeeded in co-opting anyone, and I predict that they will be inventing more dreary front groups as the election year grinds onward."


I have not attended - and I refuse to attend - any 99% Spring or other Demopublican indoctrination sessions.  I would never waste my time charging windmills with third parties, but neither will I allow them to sucker me back into the two-party fold.  I have been actively supporting the Occupy Movement since day one (9/17/2011) ... Morpheus gave me the Red Pill in Washington DC two years before that (9/11/2009) ... and I've been waging a personal rebellion against the Kleptocracy empowered by 9/11 ever since.  And based on what I've seen first-hand in venues like the OccupyWallSt.org Forum, if I still had any left I would bet my entire savings that Spring99% was not the first and will not be the last attempt by the corporate fascist elite and their puppet president Bushbama to co-opt OWS.


IronBoltBruce via VVV PR ( http://veritasvirtualvengeance.com | @vvvpr )

Related Image: http://veritasvirtualvengeance.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/spring_99_percent_co-opts_ows_for_bushbama.jpg

Related Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7tpjYDWXCg

Friday, 13 April 2012

Cattle Wheat and Cotton Farmers Battle National Australia Bank.

Occupy Sydney happily support Cattle Wheat & Cotton Farmers C & C Priestley in their valiant Battle National Australia Bank. hear what they have to say...

It is NOT happening to you - yet . The time to stand up to these life destroying blood sucking Banks is NOW. You who choose NOT to stand against injustice may be safe...for now...until they come for you.

Occupy the Courts 13 April

Over 20 Occupy Sydney people expected to appear on a variety of largely contrived charges at the Downing Centre Court today. Most charges are for misdemeanors which normally attract an infringement notice and part of a worldwide Government strategy of using police as a means of threatening intimidating and terrorising protesters for the purpose of silencing dissent. 

 Those appearing include some of our Greek solidarity protesters who undertook an action at the Greek Embassy oblivious to embassy specific laws -which they probably didn't violate anyway. There are the obligatory malicious Camping and Staying overnight charges and a cocktail of other police contrivances.

 Of concern to taxpayers should be the gross waste of public funds on malicious political policing and subsequent Court cases which are invariably dismissed.

 Legal pundits would be interested in the police subversion of The Bail Act -misusing legislation designed to ensure a defendants appearance in court to instead strip them of their rights to protest effectively.

 A large contingent of Occupy Sydney participants and supporters are expected to attend. 

 Occupy Sydney Legal and Media spokespersons will be available outside the Downing Centre from about 9am. 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Occupy Sydney :: Court Success

Occupy Sydney Stalwart Vicki has just had her conviction ( re Westpac Protest , trespass ) overturned and replaced with a section 10 ( no conviction recorded ) and good behaviour bond ... These charges are just some of a long list which NSW Police have maliciously used to impose punitive bail conditions on Occupy Sydney Protest Participants . Its an indictment on Australia's system that Protesters informing the public of the criminality of Bankers should face Courts and conviction while Banksters go unchallenged by a pro corporate anti people system. This is why we want change. Vicki self represented and gets huge kudos.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Occupy Sydney Farmers Defence Rally Thurs April 12th

A Farmers Defence Rally has been called in support of Farmers Chris and Claire who are at

risk of losing their multi generational Farm property thanks to the bastardry and intransigence 

of National Australia Bank  

Where :: 8:30 am at National Australia 

Bank House Level 3, 255 George Street (in the City)  see map (position A)...

Public Transport; near Wynyard Station on George St

then proceeding to Supreme Court at 184 Phillip Street Sydney 2000

Farming Family To Be Evicted During Australian Year of The Farmer 

Chris and Claire Priestley are in a David and Goliath battle against the bank to

 save the farm their family has owned for over one hundred years. After nine 

years of drought and three years of floods many NSW farmers have found 

themselves in debt. However, the National Australia Bank have continued to

 rise interest rates on the Priestley loan to 18% and are tomorrow taking the

 family to the Supreme Court to seek possession of the farm.

This decision by NAB to evict the third generation farming family has stunned 

community members of Walgett NSW where the Priestleys have been working 

on a partnership with the aboriginal community of Brewarrina and Walgett to 

engage in long term indigenous employment programs in agriculture, tourism 

and environmental management. 

A feasibility study is being conducted by the Department of Education, 

Employment and Workplace Relations into the joint venture between the

 Priestley family and the indigenous community organisations. While the draft

 results of this important community venture are due in two weeks the NAB has 

refused to give the family any more time. 

While friends and community members are awaiting news at the Rivers Station

 property near Walgett others have made the trek to Sydney to stage a protest 

outside National Australia Bank House Level 3, 255 George Street at 8:30 am 

tomorrow morning. The supreme court case commences at 9:30 am 184 Phillip 

Street Court 11D. 

“We believe there is a great opportunity here to assist the development of our

 community. In this Year of the Farmer it would be a show of good faith by the 

National Australia Bank to allow our family to at least hear the conclusion of 

this study,” said Claire Priestley

earlier post by Katie Shepherd...


Our earlier post

Occupy Sydney : Year of the Farmer : another Farmer faces Foreclosure by NAB