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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sydney 4-30am Police Brutality against Youth in George St

4:30 am and  Ipersonally witnessed a cop brutalising a youth aged about 15 in George St. Police then took the youth away in NSW Police car number C135 . Incredulous eye witnesses to the initial incident report the youth to have been sleeping in an internet cafe.Staff attempted to wake him and when they failed to do so, called police.This has been confirmed by staff. A short time later 2 Police officers entered the internet cafe approached the sleeping youth, then roughly and loudly woke him. Almost immediately according to eyewitnesses, they grabbed him and dragged him from the premises.
  I responded to a call from an eyewitness and went immediately to the location. On the footpath outside the internet cafe location I saw a young Police Officer of Asian appearance push shove and punch the slight and seemingly dazed youth (of Polynesian appearance) at least three times .The Youth staggered and protested several times and eventually sunk to the ground, where he was roughly dragged to his feet by the two police officers present. I asked the Police Officer to stop assaulting the youth as he sunk to the ground. I told the youth as he was being dragged away that I would be a witness if he wanted to charge the Police Officer with assault. I will willingly stand by that offer.
 Several witnesses stated that these actions by Police were common everyday occurrences. I have witnessed such brutality by police on many occasions over many years. Despite such acts being a common occurrence they are neither just, legal or right.

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