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Friday, 25 May 2012

Outing Mis Education & One World Government

Student Protest Santiago Chile May 16
  Recent Student actions in Canada ,The United States, New Zealand, Chile, Russia and Australia to name a few countries raise the common issue of Government mismanagement of education policies. Cuts in spending and hefty learning Fee hikes are the common symptom but perhaps the issue is really "user pays".As education is increasingly being tailored to suit the needs of various business or government sectors the line between education and training becomes increasingly blurred. Where people are merely being conditioned to perform an increasingly complex robotic series of processes they are being trained not educated. So shouldnt those who require that level of training for their corporate purposes pay?
Student Protests Sydney Australia May 2012

  The global nature of the protests shows that the various governments are either acting or being lobbied to act as they do on a Global scale.The conditioning (training or mis-education) is in my view from the preschool child to the majority of politicians worldwide who accept. Welcome to One World Government.

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