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Sunday, 6 May 2012

More Blatant Illegal Searches by NSW Police

When will it end?? A homeless ethnic man sitting peacefully in a publicly accessible place pressured , psychologically violated by gung ho NSW Police. They quickly released him when they realised that I was watching, possibly filming (my phone was flat) and taking notes. 

 Under current laws in force in NSW Police do not have powers to arbitrarily search people or require identification. There are some exceptions. For these exceptions to apply Police must have reasonable grounds. If are not able to prove to a Court that they have reasonable grounds then it is your choice whether or not to comply with their requests-often made in the form of orders. It is the standard advice of most of the defence legal fraternity that you not comply with such police demands and that you not make any statements.

 Police habitually target homeless ethnic and low income demographics because we usually have the least understanding of complex legal processes , because we often lack clear understanding of the english language and we often lack the means to offer an effective defence. The correlation between these commonly observed practices and the stark ethnic imbalance of Prison Inmates raises the question of Justice Equality - almost certainly non existent in Australia.

 Occupy Sydney occupier participants regularly patrol the "Trouble hotspots" of Sydney City. They have witnessed many instances of NSW Police exceeding their powers - including having film recording equipment seized and being arrested for filming Police (both legal in NSW).

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