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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Worldwide Boycott Unilever

Calling for a Worldwide Boycott of 
in Support of Pakistan Workers - end 
Exploitative practices like this are the attraction for transnationals who choose to locate their businesses in countries where laws or enforcement or both permit exploitation. We should not condone exploitation - to buy these products is to condone exploitation

We ask that you boycott these Unilever brands:
 Unilever in Pakistan is continuously taking anti-worker measures and ignoring the law in order to increase its exploitation of the workers increase its rate of profit as much as possible. Court orders and decisions are being crushed under the boots while national and international labour laws are being violated openly. The workers who produced the net profit of 46.6% this year for the multinational are now being squeezed 

More than 700 contract workers are currently working in Unilever RYK. Some of them have been working for more than 30 years now while the minimum time span of service among them is 5 years. These workers are now raising the demand of permanent jobs as per naThese 700 contracts workers are being treated as slaves in the factory. They are not given legal leave. They cannot use mobile phones while at work. They are given substandard food separate from the permanent employees. These miserable conditions forced these contract workers to register the Inqilabi Workers Union (Revolutionary Workers’ Union) on a legal basis after which Unilever management started taking revengeful actions against them.
In order to highlight their demands and condemn the reprisal attacks against the contract workers, a peaceful sit down strike was organized by the union in front of factory gate on October 26th 2011. The strike was called off after several assurances by the management. Contrary to the promises of management, the entry of 300 workers was banned illegally the very next day. Entry of these workers has been banned for more than four months now, which is a clear violation of court orders. These workers have been protesting during all these months but the management is continuing in its bigotry and its egoistic behaviour which is only worsening the lives of hundreds of workers and their families.
After the peaceful protest of workers on 26th October 2011 in Rahim Yar Khan, workers at Walls Lahore won a victory by closing the factory gate where 300 workers were given permanent jobs afterwards. Similarly at Best Foods Lahore workers forcefully closed the factory gate for 14 days and 205 workers were made permanent afterwards. In Rahim Yar Khan, however, 300 workers were sacked after a peaceful protest of just a single day. This shows that working class can only get their rights through struggles on a class basis as the capitalists and multinationals know no other language but force... (more original article)tional and international laws. Instead of issuing these contract workers permanent jobs, Unilever has made 150 new permanent recruitments on a commendatory basis.
Unilever sacked_workers_protest

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