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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Rothschilds Funding both sides of Every War (and more)

 The Rothschild family are front and centre of the 1% exercising more control and influence than any other dynasty known. Since Amschel Bauer placed a Red Shield over his doorway this family have spread across the continents and their influence across the Globe. These Videos offer a chilling insight into this dynastys modus operandi and the impact their profiteering has had globally.

Rothschilds care little who gets hurt. Genocide? Eco-vandalism ? Workers ? Jews ? Mere pawns...

Thomas Jefferson warned against the creation of a Centralised banking system in no uncertain terms. Rothschilds and their surrogates aided as usual by well rewarded politicians, successfully spun their web of deceit to control the Central Bank of the United States

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