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Monday, 23 April 2012

#PoliceBrutality Rally 1:30pm NSW Parliament 1:30PM this TUESDAY

Simultaneous Rallys Brisbane & Sydney

NSW Facebook NSW POLICE ARE JUST WAY TOO DEADLY! Protest police brutality! No 

more shootings!! 


Dear friends:

Indigenous Social Justice Association is calling for an emergency rally this Tuesday, the 


at 1.30, at the NSW Parliament House to demand two points: first, stop the police 

investigating police and second, organize a credible independent investigation to start to 

give justice to the victims of police violence. The footage of what happened has been 

publicized in couple of the papers and is graphic enough. (See at the bottom.) The way that 

these young aboriginal people have been treated by police is anything but human. They 

were injured people, couple with bullets, incapable of offer any resistance, let alone been 

of any danger to the officers. Never the less couple of them, already bleeding, one in coma, 

were thrown from the car as a sack of potatoes, handcuffed and in some cases repeatedly 

The police, even that has presented different versions, is justifying all, the Assistant 

commissioner said yesterday that the shootings were justified because there were people in 

danger with the car running on the footpath. The Police Association has said that they will 

be backing the police offices regardless. The police also, have said that they recognized 

the suspects. So quick questions arise. Why instead of shooting people 13 and 14 years 

old, that they knew, they didn’t try to stop the car shooting the tyres?

So, even still none has die and is our heartfelt wish none will, are we confronting another 

similar situations to TJ or Roberto Laudiscio Curti?

So came on Tuesday to tell the government, the parliament and the police, that we had 

enough and we demand justice.

Family members of the people involved, have invited to participate of the rally.

More information Raul Bassi 0403037376



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