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Monday, 9 April 2012

Occupy Sydney Farmers Defence Update

An 8am meeting today near Deniliquin was attended by 16 local Farmers Farm dependent business people and workers- oh, and about 30 noisy happy country kids. The local group will be co-ordinated via Grizz and is preparing to respond at short notice to calls from Farmers NSW wide as well as in Victoria to intervene in Bank or Financial Institution Foreclosures of Independent Owner operated Farm properties.

 Two ex Farmers present have already been evicted at the behest of Banks and strongly urged everyone to get behind this initiative. Amusingly, there was some initial suspicion that we were aligned with the National Farmers Federation , effectively a Liberal National bulldog organisation infamous for helping Peter Reith and Patricks in the Waterfront dispute late last Century.

 There were also tentative discussions relating to circumventing the current buyers cartels affecting most farm products.

  Further relationships between this Farmers Defence Unit and Occupy Sydney will be explored at both ends.

 The group is ready with people and resources to respond to the potential Foreclosure eviction near Walgett.

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