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Friday, 13 April 2012

Occupy the Courts 13 April

Over 20 Occupy Sydney people expected to appear on a variety of largely contrived charges at the Downing Centre Court today. Most charges are for misdemeanors which normally attract an infringement notice and part of a worldwide Government strategy of using police as a means of threatening intimidating and terrorising protesters for the purpose of silencing dissent. 

 Those appearing include some of our Greek solidarity protesters who undertook an action at the Greek Embassy oblivious to embassy specific laws -which they probably didn't violate anyway. There are the obligatory malicious Camping and Staying overnight charges and a cocktail of other police contrivances.

 Of concern to taxpayers should be the gross waste of public funds on malicious political policing and subsequent Court cases which are invariably dismissed.

 Legal pundits would be interested in the police subversion of The Bail Act -misusing legislation designed to ensure a defendants appearance in court to instead strip them of their rights to protest effectively.

 A large contingent of Occupy Sydney participants and supporters are expected to attend. 

 Occupy Sydney Legal and Media spokespersons will be available outside the Downing Centre from about 9am. 

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