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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Faux news: The Media Companies which lobby against transparency

 As spin becomes the currency of political fortune Corporations blur the lines between ethics and marketing the words news and truth increasingly become strangers.

 Concentration of power in any bloc must be opposed and never more so than when as now working people are stressed, time poor and vulnerable to misinformation masquerading as news.

  Occupy Sydney and the Occupy movement have articulated many messages opposing the vesting of power in the concentrated hands of a few.We must continue to do so and the tightly held major media companies should be front and centre of our focus. It is they who skilfully disseminate the will of the 1% to a largely unquestioning public.
  News organizations cultivate a reputation for demanding transparency, whether by suing for access to government documents, dispatching camera crews to the doorsteps of recalcitrant politicians, or editorializing in favor of open government. Meet the Media Companies Lobbying Against Transparency....  full article  http://bit.ly/JelW3q

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  1. DEANBERRY1 May 2012 15:36

    68,800 White South Africans murdered in a genocide that jewsnews (including supposedly "conservative" Fox) isn't even talking about. Why? http://whiteid.com/