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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

KX Police Shooting: Witnesses say Police shots caused Car to run into people

  3 independent witnesses to the Police shootings of aboriginal teens in Kings Cross have stated that Police shots caused the car the youths were in to career off the road and into pedestrians. Two witnesses, who say they are unknown to each other were pedestrians and the third a passing driver. One said he offered a statement to police but upon hearing his version of events he was told to leave the scene and threatened with arrest if he did not. 
courtesy SMH

  These witnesses version of events have a ring of credibility which far outweighs the sanitised police version. A person shot would naturally slump forward and their foot would depress the accellerator causing the car to speed up. 

 In many recent Police shootings and Taserings the initial Police media releases have invariably been shown to be at best mildly inaccurate -at worst a self serving and deliberately deceiving contrivance to win public sympathy or support. That approach may have worked in the days when news was sourced from News Ltd served with garnishes of falsehood and dollops of deceit. Thankfully today we have the internet and those days are gone.

  •   There are NSW Police guidances and directives relating to pursuits and public safety. Were these followed in this case??
  •  Should it even be an option for Police to shoot unarmed civilians?
  • Is ethnicity (particularly aboriginality ) a real determining factor regarding your risk profile from Police Brutality or Police applied deadly force?

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