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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Join Occupy Sydney Farmers Defence

  Occupy Sydney participants and allies are autonomously forming the Farmers Defence Alliance  specifically to mount physical Defence actions preventing foreclosure or other seizure of privately operated farm properties by Banks or other financial institutions. The alliance includes Occupy Sydney participants , farmers professionals and farmers supporters.
  • To Join Farmers Defence Alliance email your details to us.Please state your location by postcode if you want to join our defender team and how far you are prepared to travel. We anticipate some drawn out blockade actions to ensure Farmer & families remain securely at their properties while they choose to stay.
  • Due to mobility & locational requirements this project requires financial support.We must finance travel ongoing supply and communications needs and costs may be high. The job must be done To support Farmers Defence Alliance financially donate to our email via Paypal.
    • Our email is 
    • Contact us @occupySYDNEY @FarmPOSTS

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