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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ex PM Kevin Rudd visits Occupy Sydney

The Occupy Sydney pulse raced briefly yesterday as the leaderless movement were graced with the presence of ex Prime Minister ex Foreign Minister ex employee of Laurie Oakes and shrewd political tactician Kevin Rudd. Could it be that the ex Prime Minister considers the political bearpit in Canberra so misrepresentative of the people that he is considering defecting from the sinking Australian Labor Party ship and joining a leaderless Occupy movement. His well known dictatorial style will be reminiscent of some Occupy participants perceptions of a certain individual Occupy Sydney participant if he does decide to become an occupy participant -and he may be challenged by consensus process. But if Rudd wants to revisit the Prime Ministers residence, Occupy may be a more viable option than Labor.

  The opportunity to raise the issues of Freedom of the Press ,Wikileaks,Julian Assange, Austin G Mackell and Habib with the ex Foreign Minister was missed, but we're putting those issues forward today via Twitter. 

 Oh -and as he gave Occupy Sydney a big thumbs up may we suggest that Occupy Brisbane occupy in his Buranda electorate...

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