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Monday, 23 April 2012

Another Australian case of Childrens Services failure

   Another Australian case of  Childrens Services failure this time an indigenous family from Townsville are the traumatised victims.
  The illusion that The Stolen Generation somehow is a past injustice and applied only to indigenous people is a total fabrication. The horror stories continue today particularly affecting indigenous and low income families as Anglophile Corporatised Christian Australia uses children as tools of terror against their own families and communities.

 In NSW following a horror year in which a young aboriginal boy in DOCs care was found dead in a suitcase, and a young girl was starved to death, The NSW Government predictably responded with yet another inquiry= not to find how they could better protect Children , instead focussing on departmental damage control. Flowing from the report came a cynical decision to outsource care management- to NFPs many of which were hurriedly set up or managed by ex DOCs staffers

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