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Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Future of Occupy Sydney

The Future of
Occupy Sydney
a discussion at
Martin Place
cnr Macquarie
6-30pm Wed Nov 30
Occupation Site
home & birthplace
of #OccupySydney

This meeting held in keeping with the spirit principles and traditions of occupywallstreet.org Takethesquare.net & core values of occupysydney.org.au
  • an attempt by the person or people who wrote the promotion for this event on OccupySydney.org.au is a cheeky attempt by people not part of the Martin Place discussion to set an agenda for us. The Martin Place meeting will set and follow its own agenda -not that which others seek to impose. 

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Occupy Sydney Placard Workshops & Activities

From the occupiers at 

Occupiers : ph 0416366126  ph 0410722000
Placard Making Workshops
nightly from 8pm if fine at Occupy Sydney, Martin Place & Macquarie
not happening on rainy nights 
  • Bring your artistic talents  & join our Placard Making Crew
  • Bring Paints Textas & Art Materials
  • Bring Your ideas & join us putting Unity back into community.
Wet or fine there's always time for a game of chess with the occupiers at Occupy Sydney in Martin Place. So come on down, day or night. Game on.

Meetings, Workshops and Experiences
  • occupy the love : Meditation 7am 2pm & 9pm daily at Martin Place
  • General Assembly : 6-30pm Saturdays Mondays Wednesdays
  • Informal discussion on Fridays at 6:30
  • Amazing political discussions all day and all night, strike up a conversation with the lovely occupiers.
  • Dinner Parties from 9pm 'til 6am every night of the week :]
  • Public Library; read donated books under the shade of the trees.
  • Barrett's stand up comedy whenever Barrett happens to be around.
  • Plenty of Vitamin D provided by the beautiful sun!
  • Various working groups: check the calendar at occupysydney.org.au
  • Opportunity to speak to passers-by about why you are part of this movement.

Occupy Sydney Occupiers Update

from the Occupiers @ Martin Pl

Police & the Occupiers;
Two of Occupy Sydney s stalwart Occupiers

  Sunday 20th Nov 2011: Occupy Sydney is just over a month old and a small group of occupiers cling tenaciously to our right to occupy Martin Place peacefully and respectfully in  the face of open police management hostility. That hostility is not at all a reflection of the public attitude to occupiers and the occupation generally as a broad swathe of the Australian public from left to right stop by to urge our occupiers to keep doing what we are doing. Heartening stuff. Even individual police officers are now openly stating that they would rather not be harassing us -and we understand that orders are orders. Current police orders seem to come from the same Assistant Commissioner who ordered the infamous Oct 23 attack on our previous occupation.
 NSW Police spent must have spent a Macquarie Bankers annual bonus & salary combined on intimidation and harassment of peaceful occupiers at Martin Pl. We will not be intimidated and we will not resile from our duty to ensure that the Occupy Sydney conversation continues 24 hours a day 7 days a week in Martin Place.. as well as online.
 The last forty eight hours have seen NSW Police resolve to destabilise the occupation weaken drastically as truth and commonsense push aside the dogma subscribed to by NSW Police that the law is what they make it. It may be a lull in what some describe as psychological warfare by Police or the beginning of a better understanding. The only relationship Occupy Sydney occupiers seek with police is that they revert to being servants of, not dictators to, the people.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Occupy Sydney Anti Corporate Rally

Occupy Sydney
Anti-Corporate Tour
Leaves Town Hall 12pm Sat Nov 19
Join us on a Free walking tour of highlighting the corporations whose interests government serve over those of the ecosystem & society –
Occupy Sydney stand for governance of corporations for people –not governance of people for corporations...
Follow @occupysydney  & @occupySYDmedia on Twitter.
Occupysydney.blogspot.com  occupysydney.org.au (GA)

Friday, 11 November 2011

11-11-11 Lunatic leaders - YOUR Fight- YOU Fight it

On the international day of remembrance and reflection, Armistice Day, the Australian government will announce that US marines will be permanently based on Australian soil to help expand US military control within this region. When will politicians learn that increasing troop numbers increases the chances of conflict? Perhaps if our leaders fought in the wars, they would not be so blas̩ about rushing into them. The world needs to learn, once and for all, that war mongering is not in the national interest of any country and it is our brothers and sisters in conflicts around the world that pay the price on behalf of all nations! Stop making weapons, stop selling weapons, stop using weapons Рcut out the lunatics calling themselves leaders and lets open up a real dialogue between the people rather than the corporates. Occupy Sydney, Occupy Beijing, Occupy Washington, Occupy Kabul, Occupy World lets talk!


Occupy Parramatta

9am Sat 12 Nov

outside St James Church
Church Square

details: Ph 0410 722 000
Twitter: @occupySYDNEY 
( copy & leaflet )

Friday, 4 November 2011

Occupy Sydney Right to Protest Rally Fri 4 Nov

Right to Protest
Emergency Rally Fri 4 November
9-30 am
NSW Supreme Court No 11a
cnr King and Philip Sts Sydney
Peoples Rights vs NSW Police
Occupy Sydney have planned a March for Saturday Nov 5th. An associated person has as an act of good faith filed a “notice of protest” (form1) with NSW Police. NSW Police have proposed several onerous variations to the protest notice which in will render the protest ineffective. When Occupy Sydney offered to negotiate with police at a full General Assembly of the movement NSW Police refused, instead preferring to issue Supreme Court proceedings for an injunction to prevent the November 5th Rally and March.

Rally to Support Peoples Right to Protest at a time and public place of the peoples choice.

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read SMH article

see General Assembly Site