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Saturday, 29 October 2011

A discussion board to further the aims of #OccupySydney.


New Occupy Sydney Site

  A new Occupy Sydney #OccupySydney occupation location has been identified and will be occupied from Sunday 31st October. While we will not publish the location yet it is in the Sydney City area. It is an advocacy site which OccupySydney advocates can use as a staging point. Site will operate 24 hours.Occupy Sydney Occupiers - to find the location please contact  

Occupy Sydney:: Defending against Tear Gas

  Occupy Advocates worldwide should consider and be prepared for pro Corporate Police commands to order that police officers deploy Tear Gas against our peaceful convergences for change. As demonstrated in Oakland Melbourne Sydney San Diego and other jurisdictions, many police commands consider that their executive authority extends to crushing peaceful dissent. 

 As a peaceful movement for change, while we do not advocate violent protest we DO NOT SAY that we should passively accept violence initiated by the State or others against us. OccupySydney advocate awareness of defensive strategies to render teargas attacks by State Police less harmful. This is one way of minimising harm:

Monday, 24 October 2011

Occupy Sydney help small business survive

 When you adopt the methods of a tyrant to crush a tyrant you may win - but you are immediately vulnerable to assertions of tyranny.

 OccupySydney has proven an effective Protest & awareness raising platform and we congratulate the General Assembly for its decisions so far. In the aftermath of the police attacks at Martin Place we need to add dimensions which connect not alienate to build on broad public support. 

 Today @occupysydney proactivist wing start lobbying the in support of struggling small business operators in the Sydney CBD. Businesses which are hurting from falling retail spending as people find they have less disposable income. One landlord is trying to increase rents by 30% plus CPI - and many will be shocked when we reveal this entitys name tomorrow...

Was NSW Police attack on Occupy Sydney lawful?

 At about 5am Oct 23 I doing the allocated the task of police liaison person at The Occupy Sydney site in Martin Place. Most camp occupiers were sleeping. There were about six to eight occupiers awake and there were also at least two visitors A person who was part of the occupier group suddenly came running over to the camp yelling " quick Police.Get the video cameras out. Immediately a large contingent of police appeared moving quickly from the direction of Hyde Park to my right.They formed a line about ten metres distant to the Occupy Area Eastern perimeter. A senior officer with a loud hailer summarily announced (to the effect) "you are in breach of (legislation name, offence: illegal camping) & have ten minutes to gather your posessions and move away." I walked directly to the senior officer making the announcement and was the closest non-police party to him.At no stage did the officer offer any peaceful solution nor did he allow a reasonable or humanly possible timeframe in which to comply with his "orders". The amount of property needing to be removed would have required at least an hour to collect and remove.From the end of the police officers announcement a period of only about 5 minutes expired before police attacked without warning. Several people including women were punched while held by multiple police officers. People were screaming in obvious pain as police visibly and roughly applied excessive force in wristlocks and other holds. 

  • Police knowingly issued orders which Occupy Sydney protesters could not comply with while ensuring the safety security of our posessions. Is it legal for police to issue directives with which people cannot reasonably comply, then act to enforce them? 
  • People have the right to act to protect property from a clear and imminent threat even when that threat is as a result of imminent actions by police. We believe that Occupy Sydney people arrested and charged including with incitement had the right to protect their property.
  • Police enforcement of the City if Sydney camping regulations a pretext to deploy unreasonable force. 
  • NSW Police ignored Homeless Protocol to which they are signatory in evicting Occupy Sydney.Basic common law principle is that a law applying to any group applies to all/
  • Police did not act on a single complaint including from Council or Banks. 
NSW Police eviction of Occupy Sydney Protest amounts to  draconian illegal and possibly corrupt use of Police powers.

 What can we do??
  1. File a complaint with ICAC . Any legals wishing to discuss email [email protected] 
  2. Look at other legal avenues to deal with police interference with peoples rights to protest.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Getting to Occupy Sydney

Getting to #OccupySydney :·   
By Train: catch Bondi Train to Martin Pl Station & come upstairs or take Train to St James on City Circle & leave via MacQuarrie St exit (10 min walk)·       

Bus:: Take Circular Quay bus to Martin Pl and walk uphill (max 10 minutes)·

A designated Safe Area in the centre of the square will be reserved for those with children. Parents/ carers are responsible for all in their care.

Parking is at a premium & expensive in the area. Please use public transport if you can.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Occupy Sydney Links

excluding this blog here are the links of the occupy sydney conversation. Are yours missing? Tweet us @occupysydney or .


your blog or website missing email us or tweet us as above

Friday, 14 October 2011

30 minute doco from Aussie guy @ #OWS on how OWS works (video)

Direct from Occupy Wall St via our own Aussie source:

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Faceless Peoples Assembly notice ::reprint & distribute

a peaceful peoples Assembly ... Child Safe area .... a City of Sydney Alcohol Free Zone

     Stop the Banks Greed               
   join the
To @occupySYDNEY 
2p.m. 15 Oct
outside the Reserve Bank
cnr. Martin Pl
Macquarie St
http://livefeed.com/occupysydney (15 Oct live)
supporting the principles of occupytogether.org
follow us on Twitter @occupySYDNEY

a leaderless Assembly of the people by the people for the people

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Global Day of Action Oct 15

**** NOTE: a full description is contained below. Be sure to click the 'see more' link for details. ****



We seek an end to the corporate stronghold over all governments. We seek an authentic democracy that represents the 99% majority - us.

We hold corporate entities responsible for their crimes against us and the Earth.

We are inspired by and stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters striving for liberty in North Africa and the Middle East, Europe and more recently, the United States.


Corporate Stronghold?

• They orchestrated the Global Financial Crisis and are profiting from it (while people lose their jobs, face wage cuts, and lose their homes).

• They fund both sides of war and profit from it (while our brothers and sisters die).

• They destroy the Earth environmentally and profit from it.

• They control our media and the information we can access.

• They see YOU and I as mere masses to control, experiment on, refuse rights to, repress and thieve from.

Our Urgency:

This is about NOW and any chance of legitimate human liberty for our future in Australia and globally.


Occupy Sydney:

Occupy Together:

Occupy Wall Street:

Occupy Australia:

Occupy Sydney:

Occupy Melbourne:

Occupy Brisbane:

Occupy Perth:

Occupy Adelaide:


1. Get down to the occupation site on the 15th October and peacefully participate.

The people of Sydney will be running a Speakers Forum, there will be General Assemblies based on the Occupy Wall St model, we will be running Workshops where we can have broad discussions on politics, education, equality, the environment, and other Working Groups that will facilitate media, logistics, food, equipment, etc.

2. Post any talents or interests you have that may be needed and of use.

3. Stay informed, find out what is happening through the websites listed above, locally through the array of pages on Twitter and Anonymous postings on YouTube such as this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmVQXrCiZ80

5. Do NOT depend on major media outlets. They’re already blocking us, presenting misinformation or not sharing information at all.

4. Just spreading the word helps. There has been a huge media blackout that others are just beginning to shine some light on.

5. Make and bring banners, flags, megaphones, musical instruments, blankets, tents, food, water, peace, love, an informed attitude, family and friends, work colleagues, sports teams, unions, church / synagogue / mosque / temple family, surf clubs, political party members, activist groups, charity organisations etc. Remain anonymous or be yourself.


Contact: [email protected]


We acknowledge the Traditional indigenous Eora peoples' custodianship of the land upon which we now live and work – the place the world knows as Sydney – and the genocide perpetrated against that people by the colonists from whose occupation the current governments claimed right to govern descends. We also acknowledge that such #humanrights crimes of genocide continue to be committed against aboriginal peoples across Australia today- in particular the Northern Territory Intervention, a racist bilaterally supported denial of #humanrights and cultural genocide which continues today. 

taken from Facebook page of Occupy Sydney We are You event

Monday, 10 October 2011

Tell the World about Occupy Sydney your Way

 Fresh off the press and just tested we announce @OccupyMartinPl  the ONLY place where you can live Tweet from the #occupySydney Peoples voice ...say it your way

Its simple & you dont have to have a Twitter account -for non twitter people remember 140 character limit...

Heres How

go to http://bit.ly  (make sure you're not signed into your own account-or sign out)

click sign in: 

Account name : occupyMartinPl

password: MartinPlace

type your tweet into the grey box -it doesn't have to include a link.

press send ..

your tweet appears in the timeline of @occupyMartinPl