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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Solidarity Starts at Sandon Point 5-30am 20 April

Join the Country in Crisis Convoy Sandon Point Smoking Ceremony which will launch the Convoy on its 
Signed & Parking on Sandon Road
Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy

At Sunrise at Sandon Point on April 20th 2013 a new era in indigenous rights and eco activism begins.The dawn sacred smoking ceremony with Uncle Dootch Kennedy at Sandon Point will launch the Country in Crisis Convoy -

 The Convoy Starts at Kuradji/Sandon Point as a reminder of the Struggle of local aboriginal 
people to prevent the desecration of their lands and waters in the name of Corporate profits. The wider community issues ofCoal Dust and Fracking CSG and The Convoy is very much about raising awareness on those issues.

more on the Convoy site...

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Country in Crisis Convoy Fundraiser Wed April 17 Newtown

Convoy Fundraiser : April 17 2013

 An inspired call by a regular Camp Walmadan participant has driven the formation of The Country in Crisis Convoy.

  • The Journey will begin with a smoking ceremony at Sandon Point at sunrise on Saturday 20th April 2013.
  • A Convoy around Sydney will assemble at Occupy Sydney 6-am to 8am
  • Convoy will be loaded with anti CSG,No Uranium Stand up for the Burrup and Save the Kimberley messages and drive to a rendezvous protest outside Parliament House in Macquarie St
  • Convoy heads to Leards Forest via Newcastle
  • South Australia Join convoy

CONVOY LAUNCH & Fundraiser :

Our ears will be pleasured on the evening by;
Walmadan Country-James Price Point

Mick Quinn

& Rani's Fire

Who have kindly donated their time, effort and voices to this wonderful cause. Thank you for your support♥

Auction: Prime Signage Real Estate for your Message.

Sponsors: Donate weekly fortnightly or once off
St George
Kimberley Calling
Account # 431-518-717
BSB # 112--879

Bands/Acts/Entertainment: Mick Quinn and Rani's Fire

Newtown TBA

From 4pm til 9

Hey Folks WE WON, Woodside will no longer be building a massive gas hub at Walmadan. However there is a great big country still waiting to be saved, and now we know we can win.

This convoy is now taking to the road to visit all those precious sites around our awesome country still threatened by greedy mining compaines. Major focus' will be on CSG, Uranium and saving the Burrup Peninsular from further damage, and fighting for it to be World Heritage listed.

We leave to protect part of this ancient land first walked upon 130 million years ago by dinosaurs who left their prints, then walked upon, loved, cared for and respected for at least the last 40,000 yrs ago by the original inhabitants of this land, a history of culture, country and tradition that still lasts and is very strong amongst the Goolarabooloo people today.

This is all under threat for short term gain. Woodside alongside their joint venture partners and the West Australian Govt are hell bent on destroying this legacy of our world's history for 5 decades of gas flow and a few billion $$ for their company shareholders and executives. By building the world's biggest gas hub right in the middle of Sacred Aboriginal Ground.


The Campervan will be launched at a Special event in Newtown on April 17th from 4pm till late.

All who come along will have the opportunity to leave a handprint and message on the van in support of the Goolarabooloo and their defence of their Ancestors ancient burial sites, and one of the last remaining Songlines in Australia.

If you aren't up to speed on the Goolarabooloo or Songlines please ask.

For those who can't make the event but would like to support you can deposit money into

St George
Kimberley Calling
Account # 431-518-717
BSB # 112--879

Also putting a call out to any peeps who'd like to join me in this "CALL FROM COUNTRY" either in my van ( personal message me if you are keen, any petrol costs not covered by fund raising will be split evenly between 3 passengers), or if you have your own vehicle and are ready to go by 19/20th April, by all means lets cross this country together and kick some greedy corporate butt.

Courtesy Jaxon Makes sure you get a copy of "Camp Walmadan" (A Guide To Country, Community and Culture) before you head off, it will help you understand your role on arrival and give you a greater understanding of what supporting the Goolarabooloo means. http://kimberleydirectaction.wordpress.com/

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Occupy Sydney Constitutional Challenge Falls Short

We didn't succeed in our Federal Court case.
Also the Court has allowed the City of Sydney Council to make an order for costs against our applicant. 

Eamonn or I will let people know what the Council ask for (in the next few days/weeks).

Eamonn will also speak with the lawyers regarding the potential for an appeal to the High Court. HUGE UPS to Eamonn of course through all this!!!
***** People in the Group hearing with ongoing matters in the Local Court:
- the matters had been consistently adjourned pending this decision. The hearing dates for the group trial will be set on 6th June 2013
- we should all definitely chat before then regarding any questions, any possibility of a High Court appeal etc

More on the decision
- I will scan and email the 27-page decision/send around the link as soon as I can 
- a brief summary of the decision is as follows:

Essentially there are two parts/limbs to the legal test for determining whether the implied freedom of political communication is impermissibly burdened:
1. did the law effectively burden communication about govt/plitical matters; and
2. the 'proportionality' test - is the law reasonably appropriate and adapted to serve a legitimate end of representative and responsible govt.

The court found that we had proved the first limb.
The court denied that we had proved the second. The court found that the Council's prohibitions on camping or staying overnight served a legitimate end being "maintaining public health, safety and amenity in a high use public area and preserving the ability of all members of the public to use the area"
The court found that the Council's prohibitions were reasonably appropriate and adapted to serve the above end.
(We had anticipated that this would be the reason in any negative outcome for us.)
All in all, a disappointing outcome of course. Onwards. 

Big respect y'all, 

Friday, 22 March 2013

What they really mean by extraction

Gillards Faux Apology: An insult to todays Stolen Generation

Its an absolute mystery to aware Australians that Prime Minister Julia Gillard would apologise to the Forcibly Adopted Stolen Generation of times past ignoring that the practice never stopped.In fact in NSW Current Government policy is to provide an express queue for the Buy a Kid Crowd. See Here.

An open letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard,
Dear Ms Gillard,
                 While there are those born between the appropriate years for which you apologised regarding forcible adoptions who are grateful for your apology we note there are many flaws.
1/ As a legal professional you would be aware that your apology carries no legal weight. 
2/ Your apology lacks the commitment to reparations for the harm done to the Children and families of that era.
3/ Did you fail to notice that the practice of forced adoptions in fact never ended? There are currently 39000 Children in Out of Home Care in NSW. They are taken PRIOR TO JUDICIAL PROCESS by an out of control Human Services Department which have masqueraded for decades as acting in the best interests of children-the same lies which caused the adoptions you just apologised for.

There is something you can do. You can end the travesty of State Child Abduction in Australia. You can Federalise responsibility for Child Protection AND Shut down all State Child Protection Services. You can introduce TRANSPARENCY to the New Federal Child Protection Agency by insisting on video recordings of all interviews with Children Parents and professionals in relation to each case- AND- you can introduce laws which apply the Evidence Act to all cases. Yes, they should be heard in the Federal Family Court-after a revamp. 

To enact these changes may absolve a future government of the burden of making an empty and meaningless apology as you have just done,

              an Occupier

Please copy and sign this letter in your own name and post to
Julia Gillard PM
PO Locked Bag 14 

Why do the Poor get Poorer?

One of the reasons the poor get poorer is our money system
Our Money System
takes from the poor
and gives to the rich
The problem with the system is that money is created
by Private banks and loaned to us.
Private banks profit from the creation of money
while the rest of us bear the burden
of debt

The Coup that never was.

In a stroke of absolute genius The Federal Labor Party today treated us to The Coup that never was. Was MP Simon Crean's stroke of genius - calling for a spill when nobody dared to stand against the Prime Minister -designed to take the media attention away from the embarassing backdown on the much maligned Media law reform proposals? Or was it the ALP providing a multiple non event smokescreen in Canberra for Barry OFarrell to pass his End of Silence laws in NSW?? Could it be that the geniuses in the Labor Party actually fucked up??
The ALP showed us this:
  If dear leader Julia Gillard should fall over or quit ,nobody is prepared to lead the Labor Party into the political wilderness on September 14th. 

Underground The Julian Assange Story: with Christine Assange & Friends

Wikileaks: Beat The Blockade

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Newcastle Stop T4 Coal Terminal Rally Mar 16

So here it is. The Stop T4 Rally and Street Parade is this Saturday. To make it a huge success we need you ! We really hope you’ll be there on Saturday and that you’re bringing your family and all of your friends. It’ll be loads of fun and a great opportunity to hang out with awesome people but in terms of its persuasive power, it’s the sheer number of people in attendance that will make a difference. Your presence on Saturday will put pressure on key decision makers. Come and be counted. The rally follows the release of the 'Coal Dust in our Suburbs' report. The report shows houses in Newcastle and the Lower Hunter are exposed to particle pollution levels well above the national standard and high enough to cause asthma, respiratory and cardiovascular impairment, hospital admissions and premature death. If approved, T4 will be a public health nightmare. The rally will call on the NSW Government to reject T4 because of the unacceptable risks T4 poses for community and environmental health. Your support has already made a difference and together we can stop T4.
See you on Saturday - 10am, Customs House Newcastle!

Hunter Community Environment Centre
On behalf of
the Coal Terminal Action Group www.hcec.org.au 'Coal Dust in Our Suburbs' report

Legals: Constitutional Challenge & Oct 23 charges update

Recent developments People may know that that decision came down on 27 February. The decision was not the favourable decision for our case (found for the Council in that case). On the same day the High Court released its decision on another case, the "Monis" case, that also considered the extent of the right to freedom of political communication. The court was evenly split so the previous decision of the lower court was upheld, being that Monis' appeal was unsuccessful: Monis unsuccessfully appealed charges against him on the basis that the law under which he was charged was not compatible with the implied right to freedom of political communication. Essentially, the High Court decisions are not immediately helpful to our case as both decisions did not amount to an expanded view of the implied right to the freedom of political communication. However, there are also numerous parts of the decisions that the Judge in our case may accept as relevant and supportive to our case. People may be interested in these links to commentary on the two cases: - http://www.hrlc.org.au/high-court-decision-highlights-lack-of-protections-for-free-speech http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/lawreport/freedom-of-speech-in-australia/4557962 - http://humanrights.gov.au/legal/publications/2013-casenote-freedom-expression.html Links to the full decisions: - http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/cth/HCA/2013/3.html - http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/cth/HCA/2013/4.html Developments with the OS case The Judge in the OS Fed Crt case, Katzmann J, invited the lawyers to make further submissions regarding our arguments in respect of the two High Court decisions. The lawyers have been working to make submissions to highlight the parts of the decisions that are helpful to our case, and to respond to parts of the decisions that may not be so helpful. The lawyers will make these submissions by today 15 March 2013. The Council will then respond by 29 March 2013. The Judge will consider the submissions and then hand down her decision at some point. Regarding the charges in the Local Court The Fed Crt case decision will not likely be before 4 APRIL 2013 when the 14 people with outstanding charges from OS will be back in the Downing Centre Local Court. If the decision is not handed down before 4 April 2013, as per before, unless anyone changes their mind about this strategy, the lawyers for the 14 people will ask for the matters to be postponed once more until after the decision comes out (as the Fed Crt decision will likely affect the charges in the Local Court). It is likely that the court and police will agree given that the Fed Crt decision should come out sooner rather than later, and given the numerous postponements to date. If the decision is made before 4 April 2013, Ramy, Eamonn and I will contact the 14 people regarding the decision and to discuss what people would like to do on 4 April. We offer our continuing commitment to offering and facilitating legal support and solidarity as best we can.
To contact the Occupy Sydney Legals team please email [email protected] for contact nos

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Lets Start with a Socially driven economy.

The many profound discussions of our economic future. At Occupy Sydney the concern is that these discussions start from an economics basis and would result at best in an Economics driven society.
  We consider society as the starting point and look forward to your vjsion of a socially driven economy. What will success look like?
In Sydney join us Saturdays 1pm for Occupy Society Based Economics Forum...

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Memo to Police

"I was only following orders" -the Nuremberg defence- was ruled No Defence at the Nuremberg Trials and it is no defence today.
Police officers globally should consider whether following their superiors orders are legal and ethical . If you do not consider those orders ethical or legal your duty is to disobey.
Police Brutality in NSW is a growing community concern. Uncharged cops have got off scot free even on the taser killing of Brazilian student Robert Curti
NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch is gaining an unenviable reputation for being Commander Johnny on the spot in incidents where there is excessive police violence. Yes, he was officer in charge of Policing the 2013 Sydney Mardi Gras. Aside from the infamous bashing of the teenager which has gone viral, we have been made aware of several other incidents of police thuggery. One deaf person unceremoniously smashed into a pole. He turned to see a row of smug cops smirking at him.Bystanders explained to his shocked friends that a cop had called in his direction prior to this incident.Several other incidents of blatant police thuggery reported give lie to the fast spreading public view that police are reverting to their old thugforce mindset. A police officer who participated in the policing of Mardi Gras 2013 privately expressed disquiet also saying that there was a strained relationship with the crowd compared to recent Mardi Gras.We hope that the problem is Who is in command rather than a wider systemic issue. Occupy Sydney call for an independent investigation of all Operations and Commands directed by Murdoch and his immediate  suspension from any frontline duties for the safety of the public and other police officers.
  On October 23 2011 at about 5-30am NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch lead over 100 Riot Cops in a premeditated attack on peacefully sleeping Occupy Sydney Protesters. Under his command and on his orders Riot and other police arrested many Occupiers for alleged infringement offences. These offences do not provide police with the option of arrest. Yet arrests occurred. What were Police orders? Why did they so blatantly disregard and exceed the laws they are paid to uphold? Why are many Occupiers still subject to bail today?

Friday, 8 March 2013

Say no to Police Brutality at Sydney Mardi Gras

PETITION HEREAvaaz - Say no to police brutality at the Mardi Gras!

The policing of the 2013 Sydney Mardi Gras was under the command of Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch. Murdoch is gaining a reputation as the guy in charge when incidents of police thuggery happen. He was also in command of the infamous attack by NSW police on sleeping Occupy Sydney protesters on October 23rd 2011.  He was also in command of the infamous attack by NSW police on sleeping Occupy Sydney protesters on October 23rd 2011.

Some Questions you may consider about Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch
  • Why are Police under his direct command involved in multiple incidents of Police Brutality against protesters ??
  • What impact does Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch's instructions to his command have on officers?
  • Does the Assistant Commissioner  have an appropriate MenHealth State to command major police operations where public safety is a factor?

The actions of Police at Mardi Gras have so outraged a close personal friend of the Assistant Commissioner that she called by Occupy today to give us his phone number. We don't have her name but she urged us to give you his number so you can call him personally to express your outrage. 0402 890 595.
Snap Rally against Police Brutality at Taylor Sq 6pm Friday 8th March.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Stand up for the Burrup Petition

Occupy Sydney are humbled to be participants in the Global Stand up for the Burrup campaign which seeks World Heritage listing of The Burrup Rock Art conservatory.
Our next action on the ground will be May 1St 2013.
The ancient Aboriginal Burrup Rock Art assemblage is the largest and oldest collection of paleoglyphs known to exist. It may be much more. It is often referred to as the longest running documentatuon of a continuously existing culture on this planet. It is Sacred to and in the songlines of many aborifinal peoples. It is Australia's Rosetta Stone.

Recently the Barnett West Australian Government announced the creation of a National Park incorporating 46% of this priceless collection. This status is important because it means UNESCO can now consider The Burrup for World Heritage listing. However preserving a mere 46% is like Egypt preserving one of the 3 great pyramids, allowing a second to be converted to an hotel and leaving the third open to demolition. This will not happen in Egypt and it should not happen in Western Australia.

Global Stand Up for the Burrup - The Petition Site

Society Under Attack from Govt: Single Parents

On January 1st 2013 the Callous Australian Federal Government with customary Marie Antoinette like indifference cancelled the Single Parents payment-forcing thousands of single parents onto the disempowering and heavily onerous Newstart,the Aussie version of the Dole.
Occupy Sydney vehemently oppose this anti Family attack on another already economically  marginalised group within society.
The Australian genesis of this flawed Government strategy lies in the Corporate serving McClure report concocted by a Committee steered by then Mission Australia CEO Patrick McClure for the Howard Government. The Report, loosely based on The Alberta Tough Love program introduces some furphies which serve Corporations in their quest to make bigger profits on a lower labour unit cost also serves Government in its quest to manage people and the Marginalisation industry in its perennial  quest for growth.
  The basic flawed tenet is the Reports concept of 'mutual obligation' which holds that claimants of income support should have an exchange obligation i.e. to engage in 'training' (a profitable adjunct for the poverty industry,particularly Mission Australia. If that is mutual obligation then what is the governments obligation when it collects among the highest taxes in the world? McClures Mutual obligation is an additional obligation to paying tax when you work.
  In an extension of the same flawed logic subsequent Labor governments have deemed that Single Parents should not be able to choose full time parenting despite the full time nature of the role. Instead they should make themselves available at often unsustainable pay rates as Corporate wageslaves.
The Government decision to force single parents onto Newstart will have a destabilising effect on families as tired out poorly paid sungle parents are forced to trek hours each day to poorly paid jobs or worse to faux training courses which bring cashflow to monetising agencies while leaving single parent families socially as well as economically destitute.
Occupy Sydney support a Single Parents Social Wage and join grassroots single parents in calling for an immediate livable single parents social wage for those who want it.

What is Occupy Sydney Today??

Occupy Sydney is an autonomous grassroots Movement adhering to the core principles of the Occupy Movement Globally. Occupy Sydney have maintained a 24 hour seven day occupation since October 15 2011 and are we understand the last occupation to continue to do so in open public space.
www.Occupy-sydney.org facebook.com/occupysydney twitter.com/occupysydney    youtube.com/user/yupster2501     phone 0410722000 
56a Martin Place Sydney 2000         corner Martin Place & Elizabeth St           

Occupy Sydney in brief:  As expected, on October 15th 2011 a Movement for Change collided as disparate groups and individuals came together as an instant deciduous tree. The tree of Change born that day was at full bloom replete in all its splendor on the very first day. It was inevitable that Occupy Sydney would undergo a maturity phase and a winter where all the deciduous leaves and flowers would fall away. Occupy Sydney has now weathered that winter. Now we can see exactly what Occupy Sydney is,its resources and its capabilities.
Occupy Sydney Today:
Todays Occupy Sydney functions via Autonomous Working Groups which have autonomy to make decisions on behalf of the General Assembly. Those currently functioning are
Indigenous: Works on Sydney NSW and Global Stand Up For The Burrup Campaigns by consent of Wilfred Hicks Tim Douglas Of the Ngarda Ngarli people>
Another responsibility within this working Group is the administration and development of Idle No More Solidarity Sydney, which supports the concept of Indigenous Women led Idle No More from Canada expanding across global indigenous communities. The Indigenous Working Group also support Indigenous Social Justice Association and Stop the Intervention Coalition work and works with grassroots aboriginal communities.
l  Occupy Sydney Legals. Needs more lawyers,barristers,law students. Contact 0410722000 to join Working Group.
l   Occupy Sydney media: The Media Team is rebuilding with a focus on developing culture jamming multimedia campaigns as drivers of more successful campaign strategies.Call 0410722000 for contacts
l  Natural Hemp vs GMO Cotton: As the Australian Cotton industry has moved to Roundup Ready genetically modified plants on heavily modified broadacre properties using copious amounts of precious water,we are considering the benefits of Natural Hemp as a fabric alternative. Call 0410722000 to join this Working Group.
l  Occupation: To join our Occupiers please call at the Occupation.
l  FreeSchool: One of our more successful working groups is in hiatus but we are resurrecting it.Call 04107220 or ask at Occupy.
l  Extractives Working Group: Dealing with the combined issues of Coal Seam Gas Oil and Mining this working group has actively supported the Glenugie Doubtful Creek No CSG blockade of Metgasco.The Group has also actively campaigned in support of Yirranbandi vs Fortescue Metals Group, Supports a ban on onshore gas hubs for North West Shelf Gas. We actively oppose Whitehaven Coal expansion in the Laird State Forest and the T4 Terminal in Newcastle. Globally we are calling for Australia to join Argentina in freezing Chevron Assets until they havepaid the $17billion they owe  Ask to join at the occupation
Occupy Sydney is active at local national and Global levels.
Legal Actions: Occupy Sydney have supported Farmers in the Walgett and South Australia areas against bank foreclosure.One of these Farmers is bringing a case which if successful may render most mortgage and loan documents invalid. Due to legal issues we are unable to reveal other than that it relates to the application of the Code of Banking Practice.
Still awaiting written judgements are the Occupy Sydney Constitutional Challenge and an appeal against a dismissal of an occupiers Staying Overnight case. In both cases its expected that appeals will follow either way.

Occupy Sydney have not forgotten that Sydney is the most unaffordable City on Earth OR that the core occupy message is eco-socio economic.

Homelessness: Together with the Sydney Homeless Team and Alliance Partners Occupy Sydney have developed a strategy and are working at two levels.We are developing a much needed 5am breakfast Monday to Friday and Hot Nightly Meals 7 Days a week.
Volunteers and Food Contributors welcome.Ask at the Occupation or call 0410722000. We aim to develop the breakfast into a host site for businesses and people needing to recruit construction logistics and hospitality casual workers.We may also offer job specific work training to suitable candidates and consideration is being given to bringng in voluntary Human Resources professionals to assist those seeking and able to work.

Our Ending Homelessness Working Group are developing a strategy to end homelessness in Sydney and Australia .This complex solution includes transfer of tax breaks away non-resident home investors to home buyers, Local body indexation of local wages and salaries to affordable housing by postcode and Mobile Housing as a Social Housing Alternative.  Join this Team...ask at the Occupation

Occupy Sydney are an enthusiastic anti-corporate power activists and active supporters of the Out of Order Campaign.The campaign calls for photos to be taken of all ANZ bank ATMS displaying out of order signs.ANZ are financiers to Whitehaven Coal which plan to expand their Boggabri Mining Operations into the Lairds State Forest.
Occupy Sydney General Assemblies
From February 27th 2013 General Assemblies will be held weekly Wednesdays at 6-30pm. No minimum or maximum numbers apply.

Homeless Hot Evening Meals & Breakfasts

Occupy Sydney
& Partners
Homeless Hot Meals
@ Martin Place
7pm 7 Days
The Corner of Martin Place and Elizabeth St has long been the site of choice for homeless people to access unconditional food and necessities.
 From about 4pm Sydney Homeless organised food is collected from donor shops by the Sydney Homeless Community and distributed. From 7pm Occupy Sydney partners and Community Groups combine to provide Food Coffee necessities and Support.
 Occupy Sydney and partners are committed to providing a hot meal from about 7pm & days a week.We cant do it by ourselves.
 We are slowly filling days with volunteer groups (Sunday is individuals Day).
Acommercial kitchen has been identified to cook in from 1pm to 6pm avail from March 1st. (including cleaning) and prep volunteers are welcome here too.

Occupy Sydney
and partners
Homeless Breakfasts
5am M-F @ Martin Pl
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-WY-qYa96dzI/USQ-1joEUSI/AAAAAAAABLI/J4ISZRFUejA/h120/gmo-back.JPGCome enjoy a simple warming hot breakfast, coffee and tea served daily.
 Co located with Martin Place Station at the Corner of Elizabeth St for ease of access to public transport.
l  Focus on Homeless Workers support
l  Find Casual workers here

Supplier Partners needed: Breakfast Cereal, Porridge(QuickCook),Eggs, Bacon, Sausages,Bread Rolls,Margarine,Coffee,Tea,Long life Milk, cooking gas.Transport.Can you supply one item one day a week??

Volunteers needed (Groups & Individuals) : 4am to 7am Monday –Friday
Mob: 0410722000 or ask @ Occupy Sydney

Bradley Manning: SYDNEY 1000 Days Solidarity Rally

Free Bradley Manning :
1000 Days in US Federal Custody Unconvicted  
For telling the Truth
 Bradley Manning exposed to the world atrocities and Human Rights Abuses committed by the US Military. He is charged in relation to doing so.
Bradley Manning
1000 Days Solidarity Rally
Sat 23 May 11am-2pm Archibald Fountain
Hyde Park North

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tony Burke :The Anti Environment Minister plays Russian Roulette with Australian Childrens eco security

Occupy Sydney are issuing an ongoing ALL POINTS BULLETIN for anti Environment Minister Tony Burke . 

  • Is Tony Burke booked at an event near you?? Let us know by sending us the published post or email notice. We will pass to local activists.

The announcements by Australian Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke that he would allow further Coal Mines in NSW moves the Country further to becoming a Game of Russian Roulette rigged un favour of extractives played with a fully loaded gun pointed at the heads of Australians and an irrepairable Death Sentence for local ecosystems. 

 Environment Minister Tony Burke signed away approvals for Whitehaven's Maules Creek mine, planned for the Leard State Forest, Idemitsu's neighbouring Boggabri coalmine expansion, and a coal seam gas development planned by AGL for Gloucester in NSW.  Yes the approvals are conditional, but the conditions do not include "no environmental or social harm." 

 Already irrepairable damage is being done by existing mining and gas operations, changing forever the character of local communities and ecosystems. 

In Tasmania Minister for the Environment recognises Indigenous Heritage importance " but not at the expense of jobs and Industry   > More on The Tarkine Actions here


    This protest abides by the principles of non-violent direct action. So please come on the day with that full understanding in mind ☮

    NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell will be speaking at a Liverpool Chamber of Commerce & Industry luncheon on February 13.

    O'Farrell's government has given the go ahead for CSG mining across western Sydney communities and in Sydney's water catchment area, despite clear community opposition and evidence of the dangers associated with the industry.
    Enough is enough. Come along to raise your opposition to CSG mining.

    Let us send a strong and clear message to this government - this needs to be a massive event - please organise your time to be there. Bring signs and banners from home as well as the triangles and branded corflutes.

    Chris Hartcher does not run this state and NSW is NOT a coal state as he proclaims. No means NO.


    For protest site information: contact Rivers SOS 0412 556 527; or inquire through this invite and the Stop CSG Blue Mountains Facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/StopCoalSeamGasBlueMountains?fref=ts 


    Facebook Events : https://www.facebook.com/events/542461139104925/


    Many Grassroots Groups have had enough. Get in touch with local activists who are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure a Clean environment clean air and clean water are available for their childrens future. You should plan to STOP CSG and Dirty Coal in their polluting tracks.